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HK100 2023 Route Guide (3) [HK100 (103Km)]

HK100 2023 路線攻略 (3) [HK100 (103Km)] - Cam2

Samson Lam |

Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race's flagship project HK100 (103Km) will start at 8:00 am on February 18, 2023. This time it will use the same route as last year. The total length of the race is 102.94 kilometers and the total climb is 5314 meters. The starting point is Pak Tam Chung and the finishing point is Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park. There is 1 support station Service Point (SP) and 9 checkpoints Check Point (CP). The characteristic of this route is that the first half of the route is highly runnable and relatively flat, while the second half is a combination of several sections with relatively large climbs. For this reason, the first half should preserve physical strength and avoid excessive speed, only in the latter part. good play.

(Image source: Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race )

Pak Tam Chung (starting point) - Dongba (SP) distance: 12 kilometers, climb: 420 meters

Starting from the starting point at Pak Tam Chung, walk along the concrete roads of Tai Mong Tsai Road and Man Yee Road for about 800 meters, then turn right to Shang Yiu Country Trail, which is a section of about 5 kilometers, with a small range of ups and downs The road section will return to Wanyi Road, and then along the concrete road, after about 5 kilometers, it will reach Dongba.

East Dam (SP) - Ham Tin (CP1) Distance: 10km, Ascent: 454m

After passing through the East Dam (SP), enter the section of the trail, first climb a little, then descend to Langjiawan, and then climb the first mountain on the route, which has a relatively large rise, and descend from the mountain to arrive at Sai Wan, and then follow the trail to Ham Tin (CP1). Since there is a relatively large climbing section at the beginning of this section, more attention should be paid to the use of physical strength.

Ham Tin (CP1) - Houtang Stream (CP2) Distance: 12km, Ascent: 641m

After leaving Ham Tin (CP1), cross the path to Tai Wan Beach, and then go to Tai Long Village through the path behind the beach to return to MacLehose Trail, cross the road at Pak Tam Road, and then follow the third section of MacLehose Trail , Climb Niuershi Mountain, descend to Zhangshang and turn to Zhangshang Country Trail. Arrive at Haixia Road, follow the road to Houtangxi (CP2).

Houtang Stream (CP2) - Pak Sha O (CP3) Distance: 9 kilometers, climb: 212 meters

Leaving Houtang Creek (CP2), go back to Hoi Ha Road, turn to Big Tan Country Trail, and go to Hoi Ha Village. The off-road section is not too undulating, but some road conditions are rough. After arriving at Hoi Ha Village, take Haixia Road to Pak Sha O ( CP3).

Pak Sha O (CP3) - Yung Shu O (CP4) Distance: 8 kilometers, climb: 143 meters

After passing Yung Shu O, connect back to the trail, pass through Nanshan Cave, go to Sham Chung, and then go to Yung Shu O through the seaside trail.

Yung Shue O (CP4) - Kei Ling Lower (CP5) Distance: 6km, Ascent: 476m

After leaving Yung Shue O, turn back to the mountain road and climb until it connects with the third section of the MacLehose Trail. Follow the MacLehose Trail to the Ke Kung Mountain, and then descend to the lower part of Kei Ling (CP5) (Shui Lang Wo). Since we arrived at Qilingxia (CP5), the cumulative distance has reached 57 kilometers, and the next section is longer. It is recommended to arrange relatives and friends to come to Qilingxia (CP5) for support, and there will be sufficient replenishment at this station.

Under Enterprise Ridge (CP5) - Keewell Camp (CP6) Distance: 13km, Climb: 880m

Starting from Qiling, climb up Ma'an'ao, Wanqushan, and Ngong Pingping, and follow the MacLehose Trail to Kewell Camp (CP6). Due to the long distance and large ascent, it will be a great test for the participants.

Camp Keevil (CP6) - Beacon Hill (CP7) Distance: 8km, Climb: 462m

After leaving Keewell Camp, continue along the MacLehose Trail, pass a short road, and then turn back to the cross-country section to reach the slightly sloped concrete road on Sha Tin Pass Road. After passing the Lion Pavilion, turn up the mountain trail and climb up the Chicken Breast Mountain , along the MacLehose Trail to Beacon Hill (CP7). This section does not climb too much, so participants can make adjustments in this section.

Beacon Hill (CP7) - City Gate (CP8) Distance: 8km, Climb: 281m

After passing through Beacon Hill (CP7), follow the off-road dirt road mainly on Xiashan and Ping Road to Tai Po Road, use the footbridge to cross the road according to the instructions, then enter Jinshan Road and follow the dirt road of MacLehose Trail To the city gate (CP8). The difficulty of the whole section is not high, so I can prepare for the final section by returning to the air.

City Gate (CP8) - Lead Mine Pass (CP9) Distance: 7km, Climb: 596m

As there will be a relatively large climb after the city gate, it is recommended to arrange relatives and friends to the city gate (CP8) for support, and start with sufficient supplies at this station. This section will first pass through the rapidly climbing Needle Mountain, and then follow the concrete road to the grassy mountain after descending the mountain, and then descend to the lead mine depression (CP9). Since it has reached the later stage of the competition, the physical strength has been exhausted to a certain extent, and the increase has been relatively large, so it is a great test for the participants. But being able to complete this section can be regarded as the end in sight.

Lead Mine Pass (CP9) - Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park (Finish) Distance: 10km, Ascent: 735m

Starting from the Lead Mine Col, the initial climb is relatively large, and then it becomes thinner and flatter, until Sifang Pavilion, turns to the concrete road, and proceeds to the highest point of the competition. Afterwards, continue down the concrete road, pass the parking lot at the gate, turn to the mountain path on the right and go down the mountain, and you will arrive at the end of Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park.

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