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HK$2,050.00 Gift Card, Use "$50OFFGIFTCARD"

HK$3,100.00 Gift Card, Use "$100OFFGIFTCARD"

HK$4,150.00 Gift Card, Use "$150OFFGIFTCARD"

HK$5,250.00 Gift Card, Use "$250OFFGIFTCARD"

HK$10,500.00 Gift Card, Use "$500OFFGIFTCARD"

你可訂購金額超過 500 元的禮品卡。 你可以選擇通過電子郵件發送禮品卡給具有有效電子郵件地址的任何個人。 禮品卡可在 或任何參與活動的 Cam2 商店兌換。禮品卡訂單應在 24 小時內通過電子郵件發送。訂單完成後,禮品卡收件人將收到一封包含禮品卡代碼和信息的電子郵件。

Digital Gift Cards can be ordered in any amount over $500. They are sent via email to any individual with a valid email address. The Gift Card may be redeemed online at or at any participating Cam2 Store. Gift Card orders should be delivered by email within 24 hours. When the order has been completed, the Gift Card recipient will receive an email with the Gift Card code and information.


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