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Trail Running Shoes

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In trail running, the shoes you wear are crucial, and choosing a pair of shoes that are suitable for the terrain and running season can be challenging. It's a difficult task to find a pair of shoes that perform well on all types of trail surfaces. Unlike choosing shoes for road running, where the running surface is fairly consistent (i.e., hard), the trail surfaces you‘ll be running on will vary greatly. You may encounter rocky terrain that requires good grip, muddy terrain that calls for waterproof shoes with good traction, hilly terrain where lightweight trail shoes may be beneficial, and tree roots that necessitate shoes with excellent grip to help you maintain stability on the trail. When choosing trail shoes, consider the environment and trail surface you'll be running on most frequently.

Most experienced trail runners have a collection of trail shoes that they use for different conditions. If you're just starting out on the trails, my advice in the early stages of transition is to invest in one high-quality pair of shoes that are suitable for the trails you plan to run on during the current time of year. When the season changes, you may find that you need more grip, waterproofing, or support, so it might be worth considering shopping for shoes again.

If you're unsure about how to choose trail running shoes, the best way is to try on several pairs at Cam2. Like clothing, different running shoe brands suit different people, so try on several pairs and choose a shoe that fits your feet well.
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