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Oxfam Trailwalker Route Introduction

樂施毅行者 路線簡介 - Cam2

Samson Lam |

After several years, Hong Kong's largest trail running and hiking event, Oxfam Trailwalker, will be held again on February 24-26, 2023. As the epidemic subsides and various restrictions are relaxed, the overall arrangement is similar to the past.

As for the route, it is roughly similar to the 2018 route, except that the checkpoint and the end point have been slightly changed. Let's go into detail here now.

The distance of the route is about 97.5 kilometers, and the total climb is about 4779 meters. There are 9 checkpoints (CPs) in total. The first 88 kilometers follow the first to ninth sections of the route of the MacLehose Trail (that is, the distance post M001-M174). After registering at Checkpoint No. 9, leave MacLehose Trail immediately and continue along the north shore of Tai Lam Chung Reservoir for about 5 kilometers until you reach Concrete Road of the catchment channel, turn right towards Wong Nai Tun/Tai Tong, and finally head towards Yuen Long The finish line of the Po Leung Kuk Jockey Club Tai Tong Resort Phase III Leadership Training Base.

Sai Kung Pak Tam Chung Sports Park ( starting point) - Sai Wan (CP1) (15.5 km)

The starting point is located in Beitanchong Sports Park. After departure, proceed along Dawangzai Road and Wanyi Road to Dongba. The 9 kilometers is a concrete road with ups and downs but no big ups and downs. This section is relatively easy. It is recommended to use Go at a comfortable speed. After passing the East Dam, enter the section of the trail, first climb a little, then descend to Langjiawan, and then climb the first mountain on the route, which has a relatively large rise, and descend from the mountain to reach Xiwan.

Sai Wan (CP1) - Pak Tam Au (CP2) (9.2 km)

After leaving Sai Wan, follow the mountain trail to Ham Tin, then follow the trail behind the beach to Tai Long Village, follow the concrete trail, pass Tai Long Au and Chek Keng, and go to Pak Tam Au. The overall difficulty of this section is not too high. It is mainly a small climb and descent. You should reserve your physical strength to prepare for the more difficult sections in the future.

Vehicles without a pass are not allowed to enter Pak Tam Au. The support team should park their vehicles at Pak Tam Chung before proceeding to Pak Tam Au.

Pak Tam Au (CP2) - Qilingxia (CP3) (10.4 km)

Starting from Beitan'ao, you need to climb up the Niu'er Stone Mountain along the stone steps, and then it becomes flat for a while. After some small ups and downs, you have to climb Leidashi Mountain. After descending, you will then climb Jigong Mountain , Down the mountain, you will arrive at Shuilangwo, Xiashuilangwo, Qiling. This section mainly goes through "three ups and three downs", and the related range is also large, which can be regarded as a great test for the physical strength of the participants.

Under Enterprise (CP3) - Keewell Camp (CP4) (12.6 km)

Starting from Qilingxia, board Ma'an'ao, Wanqushan, and Ngong Pingping, and head to Kewell Camp. Due to the long distance and large ascent, you should have enough supplies before departure. supply. On the other hand, with slower attendees, this segment may have gone into the night. Therefore, it may be necessary to prepare for night travel, and the location of entering Camp Kewell (CP4) is different from the past. Please pay attention to the conference announcement and route instructions.

Camp Keevil (CP4) - Mount Beacon (CP5) (7.5km)

After leaving Keewell Camp, continue along the MacLehose Trail, pass a short road, and then turn back to the cross-country section to reach the slightly sloped concrete road on Sha Tin Pass Road. After passing the Lion Pavilion, turn up the mountain trail and climb up the Chicken Breast Mountain , along the MacLehose Trail you will arrive at Beacon Hill. This section does not have a large climbing section, so participants can make adjustments in this section.

Beacon Hill (CP5) - Smugglers Pass Police Shooting Range (CP6) (5.9 km)

After passing through Beacon Hill (CP5), follow the off-road dirt road mainly down the mountain and Ping Road to Tai Po Road, follow the instructions to use the footbridge to cross the road, then enter Jinshan Road, pass Kowloon Reservoir, and go up the mountain for two kilometers to Go forward at the top of the hill, and the checkpoint ends at the end of the path on the right. This distance is not long and can be recovered through this section.

Smugglers Pass Police Shooting Range (CP6) - Lead Mine Pass (CP7) (8.5 km)

Leave Smuggling Au Police Shooting Range (CP6), turn back to Jinshan Road, bypass Mazhi Path, and then go down to the barbecue site of Shing Mun Country Park. Since there will be a relatively large climb after the city gate, it is recommended to arrange relatives and friends to support the city gate, and start again when there is sufficient replenishment at this station. After that, you will first pass through the rapidly climbing Needle Mountain, and then follow the concrete road to the grassy mountain after descending the mountain, and then descend to the lead mine depression (CP7). Since it has reached the middle and late stages of the competition, the physical strength has been exhausted to a certain extent, and the increase has been relatively large, so it is a great test for the participants.

Lead Mine Pass (CP7) - Tai Mo Shan (CP8) (8.9 km)

Starting from the Lead Mine Au, the initial climb is relatively large, and then it becomes thinner and flatter, until Sifangting, then turns to Shishi Road, and proceeds to the highest point of the route. Then continue down the hill to the checkpoint along the concrete road. Participants please note that the location of CP8 has changed. Please pay attention to the conference announcement and route instructions. To complete this section, there is no longer a big climb, and it can be regarded as the end.

Tai Mo Shan (CP8) - Tai Lam Chung Reservoir (CP9) (9.5 km)

This section is mainly a forest road and concrete road, and there is not much climbing. Although there is already a certain degree of physical exertion, it can still be handled under controllable conditions.

Tai Lam Chung Reservoir (CP9) - Tai Tong Po Leung Kuk Jockey Club Tai Tong Resort (Finish) (11.3km)

After leaving the checkpoint, you will no longer follow the MacLehose Trail, continue along the north bank of Tai Lam Chung Reservoir for about 5 kilometers until you reach the Concrete Road of the diversion channel, turn right towards Wong Nai Tun/Tai Tong, and finally go to Po Leung Kuk, Yuen Long The finish line of the Jockey Club Tai Tong Resort Phase III Leadership Training Base. Participants please note that the finish point of this event is different from previous ones. When the participants see the first notice board along Tai Tong Shan Road, turn into the small path passing through the Tai Tong BBQ site and then turn left towards the snack kiosks and public toilets. At the end of the path, walk down the stairs, turn right and go up Pass the gate and enter the end range.

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