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aminoVital Cam2 Heart to Heart presents a preliminary study of the short distance route of the Hong Kong Mountain Road Championship 2022 (2)

Samson Lam |

Hosted by the Hong Kong Athletics Federation and sponsored by aminoVital , aminoVital Cam2 Heart to Heart presents the Hong Kong Mountain Road Championships 2022 , which will be held on September 4 , 2022 . Registration begins on July 28 .

In addition to the more difficult long distance category, this race also has a short distance category. The overall distance and climbing range are relatively small, which is more suitable for some entry-level runners who like short and medium distances. The total distance is nearly 19 kilometers, and the total climb is about 963 meters. The starting point and the finish point are also located at the Bradbury Jockey Club Youth Hostel in Taimeidu. There are a total of 2 checkpoints.

(The route and checkpoint arrangements are subject to the announcement of the conference)

Strava route

GPX file  

Damei Tuk- Wu Kau Teng (Distance: 9.1km, Climb: 455m)

First start from the starting point of Dameidu, follow Dameidu Road and Tingjiao Road, and turn to Baxianling Nature Education Trail. This is a dirt road section that climbs up to about 3.6 kilometers, and then turns to descend, and then passes through Hengqi Ancient Road Go down the mountain to Bride Pool Road near Wu Jiao Teng , and then arrive at the checkpoint.

This section has many forks, so pay more attention during training to avoid going the wrong way.

Wu Jiao Teng - Bride's Pool (Distance: 4.6km, Climb: 334m)

After leaving the checkpoint, go straight for a short distance along Bride Pool Road, then turn to Wu Kau Teng Countryside Trail, this section needs to climb a hill, then descend to Xin Uk Village, go back to Bride Pool Road via the trail, and cross the road to arrive Bride Pool Checkpoint.

Bride's Pool - Tai Mei Tuk (Distance: 5.6km, Climb: 331m)

After leaving the checkpoint, go back to the Baxianling Nature Education Trail. You will follow the previous direction of the previous section and climb up the hill. This is the last climb of the race. After that, you will continue to follow the original section and return to the end of the road. .

Although the difficulty of 19 kilometers is relatively low, there are three moderate climbing sections, but because the race is expected to be held in warmer weather, more attention should be paid to supplementation.

aminoVital Cam2 Heart to Heart presents the first exposure of the Hong Kong Mountain Road Championship 2022 (Mon) long distance route

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