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aminoVital Cam2 Heart to Heart presents the first exposure of the Hong Kong Mountain Road Championship 2022 (1) long distance route

aminoVital Cam2 心連心呈獻 香港山路錦標賽2022 (一) 長距離路線首度曝光 - Cam2

Samson Lam |

Hosted by the Hong Kong Athletics Federation and sponsored by aminoVital , a minoVital Cam2 Heart to Heart presents the Hong Kong Mountain Road Championships 2022 , which will be held on September 4 , 2022 . Registration will begin on July 28.

This will be the first large-scale cross-country mountain race in Hong Kong in two years. It is understood that the event is a qualifying event for the 2022 World Off-Road Championships, and participants are eligible to represent Hong Kong in Thailand to host the World Off-Road Championships.

The race is divided into two races, the long distance and the short distance. The routes are mainly distributed in Pat Sin Leng Country Park and Plover Cove Country Park. Now let’s analyze the main long-distance race this time. The total distance of the long-distance category is about 50 kilometers, with a climb of nearly 2,700 meters. There are 5 checkpoints. The entire route combines various uphill and downhill climbs with different ranges. The total climb is medium to upper. In addition, it is held in summer. This is a track with a certain degree of difficulty. Therefore, it is recommended that participants have adequate preparations.

On the other hand, since there are not many supply places on weekdays, please bring enough supplements for training.

( The route is subject to the announcement of the conference )

Strava route

GPX file

Tai Mei Tuk - Ho Tau Reservoir (Distance: 10.8km, Ascent: 718m)

First start from the starting point of Dameidu, follow Dameidu Road and Tingjiao Road, pass the Baxianling Nature Education Trail, connect to Section 10 of Wei Yixin Trail, climb to Baxianling and Huangling, from the starting point to the first of Baxianling The mountain peaks are all ascending. After reaching Baxianling, it passes through various peaks of Baxianling and turns into a moderate up and down mountain. After Baxianling reaches Huangling, it becomes relatively flat. After reaching Pingfeng Mountain, it quickly descends to Hetau Water. pond checkpoint.

This section can be regarded as the most difficult section of the entire race, with a large range of ups and downs, and most of the road sections are uncovered. Even at the beginning of the race, you should pay more attention to physical consumption and replenishment.

Hok Tau Reservoir – Hok Tau Wai (Distance: 8.4km, Ascent: 385m)

Leaving the Hok Tau Reservoir Checkpoint, follow the Hok Tau Reservoir Jia Lok Trail, and then follow the direction towards Zhang Wu, after Zhang Wu, go ahead for a short distance, this section is relatively flat, then turn right up the mountain and climb to Kowloon Kengshan, this distance is not too long, but the ascent turns to be more rapid. Going down from the top of Kowloon Hang Shan, follow the wider concrete and gravel road ramp down the hill to the pavilion, turn right to Liu Shui Xiang Country Trail, after reaching Liu Shui Xiang Reservoir, follow Hok Tau Road to the checkpoint of Hok Tau Garden.

This section is mainly flat or downhill, except for the Kowloon Kengshan section, through which the body can recover.

Hok Tau Wai – Nam Chung (Distance: 7.3km, Ascent: 458m)

After the Hok Tau Wai checkpoint, climb the hill along the Hok Tau Country Trail, then descend to San Uk Tsai, then follow the Nam Chung Country Trail, climb around Gui Tau Ridge, and then descend to Nam Chung. The climb is only moderate, but Since reaching this stage is already in the middle of the game, more attention should be paid to the distribution of physical strength.

During training, if you consider leaving at the end of this section, you can walk to Nam Chung and take a minibus to Fanling.


Nan Chung – Wu Jiao Teng (Distance: 5.3km, Climb: 265m)

Starting from the end of Wei Yixin Trail, go down Qimuqiao Houshan Road, go downhill through Hengqi Ancient Road to Bride Pool Road near Wujiaoteng, and then arrive at the checkpoint.

This section has many forks, so pay more attention during training to avoid going the wrong way.

Wu Jiao Teng - Bride's Pool (Distance: 13km, Climb: 484m)

After leaving the checkpoint, go straight along Bride's Pool Road for a short distance, then turn to Wu Kau Teng Countryside Trail. This section requires you to climb a hill, then go down the hill and turn towards Lai Chi Wo and Sam A Village. This section of the road is relatively flat until Sam A Chung. Afterwards, go up slightly, then head towards Bride Pool, cross Bride Pool Road, and arrive at the illegal checkpoint.

The overall climb in this period is not too big, and it is mainly a small climb. However, the distance is long, and the competition has already reached the final stage, so the distribution of physical strength should be paid more attention.

Bride's Pool - Tai Mei Tuk (Distance: 5.6km, Climb: 311m)

Leaving the checkpoint at Bride's Pool and following the Baxianling Nature Education Trail, you will climb the last slope of the race and then return to the first section of the race. If you turn back along the way, you will arrive at the return destination.

aminoVital Cam2 Heart to Heart presents Hong Kong Mountain Road Championships 2022 (2) Preliminary Study of Short Courses





Tak man ,

賽事報名 #4178085329

until today 10th August , i don’t receive any notice by email

Tony Wong ,

Let’s join ! 53km a bit challenge in this hot days…. may consider 19km…


80後男士 , 一路都係自已條友跑 下行下, 好想參加呢個賽事 , 因夏天 屋企人 擔心 , 如果無人陪操就唔好玩 , 想係度約腳齊操 ☺️

Jeri Chan ,

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