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Amino Vital CAM2 Hearty Powers Hong Kong Trail Championships 2022 (1) Long Race Route

Amino Vital CAM2 Hearty Powers Hong Kong Trail Championships 2022 (1) Long Race Route - Cam2

Samson Lam |

Amino Vital CAM2 Hearty Powers Hong Kong Trail Championships 2022 organized by Hong Kong Association of Athletics Affiliates and title sponsored by aminoVital and Cam2 will be held on 4 September, 2022. Registration started on 28 July, 2022.

It will be the first large scale physical trail running race since 2 years ago. Participants may have the chance to represent Hong Kong on the World Mountain & Trail Running Championships held on November, 2022 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

It will have 2 distance categories, long course and short course. Most of the routes are in the trail of Pat Sin Leng Country Park and Plover Cove Country Park. We are going to analyze the route of Long Course Category. The distance of long course is about 50Km with elevation gain of almost 2700M. Start/Finish will be located at Bradbury Jockey Club Youth Hostel, Tai Mei Tuk. There will be 5 check points along the course. The route covers lot of different levels up and down hills with above average the total elevation. As it will be held during late summer, it is a difficult course. Participant should be well prepared for the race.

On the other hand, it is not easy to get support along the course. Participants should be well planned on the support for the training, and recce along the course.

(Route is subject to the final confirmation from organizer)


Strava Route

GPX File

Tai Mei Tuk – Hok Tau Reservoir (Distance: 10.8Km, Elevation Gain: 718M)

The route starts from Tai Mei Tuk, and goes along Tai Mei Tuk Road and Ting Kok Road. Then it turns into trail to Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail, and connects to section 10 of Wilson Trail for uphill to Pat Sin Leng and Wong Leng. For the section at Pat Sin Leng, it consists of medium level up and down hills. Once it reaches Wong Leng, it becomes flat. Then it will be steep down hill from Ping Fung Seng to check point at Hok Tau Reservoir.

This is the most difficult section along the course, with big elevation gain and loss. Most of the trail along this section is not covered by tree. Please be aware water loss and listen to the body even this is early part of the race.

Hok Tau Reservoir - Hok Tau Wai (Distance:8.4Km, Elevation Gain: 385M)

After leaving Hok Tau Reservoir check point, participant will follow the Hok Tau Reservoir Family Path to Sha Lo Tung Cheung UK. it will be a short distance of wider concrete/dirt road. Then turns right to go uphill to Cloudy Hill. Although the distance is that long, it will be little bit steep. After reaching the high point of Cloud Hill, it will go down on mix of concrete or dirt road. Turns left on the Gazebo to Lau Shui Heung Country Trail. Follows Hok Tau Road to the check point at Hok Tau Road.

 Most on this section is flat or down hill except for the uphill to Cloud Hill. It will be good to use this for recovery.

Hok Tau Wai – Nam Chung (Distance: 7.3Km, Elevation: 458M)

After leaving the check point at Hok Tau Wai, goes up a small hill via Hok Tau Country Trail, and goes down hill to San UK Tsai. The route will connect Nam Chung Country trail to go up Kwai Tau Leng, and down hill to Nam Chung. The elevation gain of this section is medium. However, this is about mid of the race, please be aware of strength and endurance level at this stage.

 It is possible to leave by short walk to Nam Chung for mini bus to Fanling when you go for training or recce.

Nam Chung – Wu Kau Tang (Distance: 5.3Km, Elevation: 265M)

It will follow the last section of Wilson Trail in reverse. Goes up for the trail after Tsai Muk Kiu, Follow the Wan Tsai Ancient Trail to Bride's Pool Road.

The distance for this section is comparatively short. However, there are many intersections on this section. Please check the map or GPX file when you go for training or recce.


Wu Kau Tang – Bride's Pool (Distance: 13Km, Elevation: 484M)

After leaving the Check Point, it will short up hill and reach We Kau Tang Country Trail. It will go down hill to direction of Lai Chi Wo, and Sam A Tsuen. The trail is comparatively flat for this part. After reaching Sam A Chung , it will be another short up hill and then back Bride's Pool Road for the check point.

Although elevation gain is minor for this section, the distance is long. It is almost the last part of the course. Please make sure you have adequate support before starting the section.


Bride's Pool – Tai Mei Tuk (Distance: 5.6Km, Elevation: 311M)

After leaving the check point, it will reach the Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail for up hill section. Then it will connection back the first section in reverse direction to go to the finish.

Amino Vital CAM2 Hearty Powers Hong Kong Trail Championships 2022 (2) Short Course Route

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