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TransLantau by UTMB® Routes (3) 140Km

TransLantau by UTMB® Routes (3) 140Km - Cam2

Samson Lam |

Let's discuss the new 140Km category of TransLantau by UTMB®


TransLantau140 is a new category for this year. The total distance is 140.2Km with elevation gain of 6489Metres. There are total of 12 check points, with 13 sections. It includes trail in different areas in Lantau Island. Some are long distance, and high elevation gain. It is challenging for even elite runners. Participants should be well prepared and have adequate training in order to complete the reace.

Translantau140 will start at midnight. Participant should have adjustment on rest before the race. As the transportation at night in Lantau Island is not very convenient, the arrangement on support should be well prepared.

(Souce: TransLantau by UTMB)

(Souce: TransLantau by UTMB)

Strava Map

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(1) Mui Wo – Chi Ma Wan (Distance: 104.Km, Elevation gain: 479M)

Race will start at Silvermine Beach. The first 3 Km will follow Lantau Trail section in reverse direction. It will turn into trail in the direction of Ngau Kau Wan and Shap Long San Tsuen. It will then follow Chi Ma Wan Road, which is flat . Then it will turn to Chi Ma Wan Country Trail, and goes up Temple Crag, and goes down the check point at Shap Long Reservoir. The elevation gain to Temple Crag is not big and also on early part of the race. It is not difficult to handle.

Please notes that support team is not allowed at the check point at Kau Ling Chung. Participants only have support from organizer.

(2) Chi Ma Wan – Pui O (Distance: 14.2Km, Elevation gain: 305M)

After leaving check point at Chi Ma Wan, it will follow the Chi Ma Wan Country Trail. It will then turn to the direction to Pui O Beach. After passing the Pui O Beach, it will be the check point. This section is comparatively flat , but the distance is long. Please make sure you have drink or eat enough before leaving check point at Chi Ma Wan. Stores are available at the Pui O village. You can get supplies from the stores for the training or recce. You can also take the bus to leave if it is necessary.

(3) Pui O – Wong Lung Hang (Distance: 10.1Km, Elevation gain: 832M)

After leaving the check point, it will go on the Chi Ma Wan Road, and connect back to Lantau Trail. It will go up a small hill, Tai Ngau Wu Peak, which is not difficult. Then the route will go down to Nam Shan . After crossing the road at Nam Shan, it will follow the Lantau Trail until it reaches Wong Lung Hang Country Trail. Turns right to go down hill to Wong Lung Hang for the check point. The elevation gain and loss are both big for this section . Participant should well reserve for the energy on this section.

Check point at Wong Lung Hang is close to Tung Chung. It will be to start or end at this point for the training or recce. It will also be good to arrange your own support at this point.

(4) Wong Lung Hang – Ngong Ping (Distance: 13Km, Elevation gain: 1016M)

The elevation gain is the largest for this section. It will also reach the highest point of this race. Participant should get adequate supplies before leaving the check point.

After leaving the check point, follow the Tung Chung Road, and passing some housing estates. Then goes to Shek Mun Kap and Tei Tung Tsai Pak Kung Au. It will follow Lantau Trail to the top Lantau Peak, and goes down to Ngong Ping. Please notes that it will not have check point at Pak Kung Au.

Although the distance for uphill is long, but it is not that steep. The stairs for going down to Ngong Ping is high for some section. Participants need to be careful for the down hill.

(5) Ngong Ping – Kau Ling Chung (Distance: 10.5Km, Elevation Gain 330M)

Starting from Ngong Ping will follow Lantau Trail and then connect to Keung Shan Country Trail. Check point 3 is at Kau Ling Chung Catch Water. This section is mainly down hill. It is not a difficult section, which is good for recovery.

After leaving the check point at Ngong Ping, it will Ngong Ping Road, and Sham Wat Road until the Wooden gate of Lantau Trail. It will enter the natural trail go to Kwun Yam Shan and Keung Shan. Once connect to Keung Shan Country trail, it will go down hill to check point at Kau Ling Chung.

Please notes that support team is not allowed at the check point at Kau Ling Chung. Participants only have support from organizer.

(6) Kau Ling Chung – Tai O (Distance: 12.8Km, Elevation gain, 520M)

From the check point of Kau Ling Chung, it will follow 1.5Km catchwater. Once it turns to trail, it will be a medium level up hill for about 2 Km. Once it is reached the highest point of this uphill, it will become comparatively flat. After passing the Man Cheung Po and Nga Ying Shan, it will go down to narrow path along the coast of Tai O to the check point at Tai O.

The transportation to Tai O convenient, and easy for food arrangement. It is a good choice to arrange friends and families to support at Tai O.

(7) Tai O – Sham Wat (Distance:7.3Km, Elevation gain:163M)

This is the easiest section of this course. After leaving the check point at Tai O, it will go through the village of Tai O. There are several intersections in the village. Please check GPX when you do the training or recce. After leaving Tai O Village, it will follow the Tung O Ancient Trail to Sham Wat. This section is mix of flat concrete narrow path and trail.

Outside support is not allowed for the check Point at Sham Wat. Participants can only have support at check point. However, there are stores in the village of Sham Wat. Participants can get support from store during training and race.

(8) Sham Wat – Ngong Ping (Distance: 15Km, Elevation gain: 807M)

This is the longest section of the course. Please make sure you get enough supplies before leaving the check point. The first 7Km of this section will be along Tung O Ancient Trail. Most are on flat concrete road with some short slope. Participants can support from store at Sha Lo Wan Village.

It will turn to Ngong Ping 360 Rescue Trail for up hill. The elevation gain for this uphill is big. It is challenging at this point. Please also be aware for weather changes.

After reaching the Nei Lak Shan Angle Station, it will turn to the Nei Lak Shan Country Trail. It is comparatively flat, but rough section. It takes about 5Km more to the Ngong Ping check point.

(9) Ngong Ping – Shui Hau (Distance: 11.6Km, Elevation gain: 165M)

This section is mainly down hill or flat. After leaving check point at Ngong Ping, it will follow Shek Pik Country Trail for 5Km down hill to Shek Pik. It turns to the Lantau Trail Section 9 via Lo Kei Wan to check point at Shui Hau . This part is a flat section.

There are store at Shui Hau, which you can get support on training or recce.

(10) Shui Hau – Pak Kung Au (Distance: 7.7Km, Elevation gain: 395M)

From Shui Hau Village, it will follow Lantau Trail for short up hill to catch water. After about 3Km on catch water, it will connect to South Lantau Country Trail for medium level up hill. Then it will a flat trail section back to Pak Kung Au.

(11) Pak Kung Au – Pak Mong (Distance: 10.2Km, Elevation gain: 564M)

This is one of the challenging section on this course. It will follow the Lantau Trail to the Sunset Peak. After reaching Sheung Tung Au, it turns left to Lin Fa Shan and Por Kai Shan. Then it will go down hill to via Pak Mong Village to the check point near Ngau Kwu Long.

Participants can get support from store in Pak Mong Village.

(12) Pak Mong – Discovery Bay (Distance: 8.6Km, Elevation gain: 499M)

From the Check point of Pak Mong, it will follow the Hong Kong Olympic Trail. Turns left to Lo Fu Tau Country Trail. After pass the top of Lo Fu Tau, and Lau Fa Tung, follows the trail to go down to Discovery Road. Then gets back to the trail to reach the check point.

Please notes the trail is technical for some part of this section, especially for the down hill. There are several junctions and intersections on this section. Please check the route on GPX file frequently on training and recce.

(13) Discovery Bay – Mui Wo (Distance: 7.9Km, Elevation gain: 414M)

After leaving the check point, follows the Discovery Road to the reservoir. Enters the small trail near golf course to reach the Our Lady of Joy Abbey. The trail will better conditions. After going up the last small hill, and goes down the finish at Mui Wo.

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