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Race tips and equipment knowledge for trail runners

越野跑新手的比賽貼士與裝備認識 - Cam2

Samson Lam |

The aminoVITAL CAM2 Hong Kong Mountain Road Championship 2023 will be held on April 23, assuming you are a novice in trail running and hope to complete the race smoothly. Whether before or during the race, there are some dos and don'ts to help you reach your goals.

Training: Completing a trail race requires a certain level of stamina and physical strength, so adequate training is required prior to the race. It is even more necessary to include practicing on terrain and environments similar to the competition route.
In order to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to establish an appropriate training plan and gradually increase the distance and time of training. It would be a good choice to find an experienced coach who can provide you with advice and establish a training plan.

Familiar with the route and terrain: Before the competition, it is recommended to go to the competition route for a test run to ensure that you are familiar with the route and terrain, which will help you perform better during the competition and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Determine the goal: After training and knowing the route, you should establish your goal, which may include the completion time and ranking. According to your goals, make arrangements for the game, formulate the distribution of physical strength and supplements.

Appropriate equipment: Participating in trail running requires suitable and high-performance equipment in order to run safely and smoothly, so as to achieve ideal performance. Below are some equipment suggestions.

It is recommended to choose a pair of trail running shoes that suit you. A pair of good trail running shoes with non-slip soles, good grip and anti-slip properties, which can provide better stability in the field, while the upper and sole usually have a reinforced design to provide better support and protection and reduce the risk of injury , Another lightweight design reduces the burden on running and improves running efficiency. Since everyone's feet are slightly different, try them on to find out which trail running shoes are right for you.

Men's Trail Running Shoes

women's trail running shoes

In summer, you can choose tops that are thin and lightweight, but also breathable and sweat-wicking. In hot weather, it will feel more comfortable.

Men's T-shirt

vest for men

Ladies T-shirt

ladies vest

During cross-country running training or competitions, water bottles and food supplements are required, as well as some necessary equipment such as mobile phones. For trail running, choose some trail running shorts with multiple pockets.

men's pants

Ladies pants

backpack/waist bag
When cross-country running training or competition, you need to carry equipment on your back, so trail running backpacks/waist bags are indispensable. Trail running backpacks are generally designed to be very light and close-fitting. Runners need to choose the appropriate size according to their body shape. Most of them will attach two soft water bottles to the front to hold the water bottles. At the same time, you can also choose a larger capacity water bag to put in the back of the backpack. In addition to the space at the rear for trail running backpacks, there are also small pockets around the backpack for small equipment, which is also very convenient for taking out equipment during training or competition. The close-fitting trail running waist bag can be used when less equipment is needed, and it is lighter in use than a backpack.

off-road backpack

fanny pack

water bottle
Drinks are required for trail running training or competitions, so water bottles can be said to be indispensable. Trail running water bottles use soft plastic bottles, so they are very light and take up little space. There are options for different capacities.

soft water bottle

The hat is mainly used to block the sun. In hot weather, wearing a sun hat will make you more comfortable for trail running.

men's hat

ladies hat

Since you will sweat a lot during cross-country running, it is recommended to choose running socks with better ventilation and perspiration. High-quality running socks can reduce the wear and tear between the feet and shoes, making sports more comfortable.

men's socks

Ladies socks

A watch designed for cross-country running, in addition to recording your running time, speed, distance, route information, heart rate and other information, it can also provide monitoring of your physical condition, and it can also input routes and is equipped with navigation and map functions. It is safer for you to participate in trail running activities. In addition to functions, as the power of different models of watches varies, you can choose the appropriate model according to your race distance and needs.

sports watch

In addition to blocking ultraviolet light and reducing the damage to the eyes caused by the sun, high-quality sunglasses suitable for trail running can help you have a clearer vision in the wild, allowing you to observe things around you more comfortably and protect your eyes .

Sports Glasses

running / trekking poles
Running/walking poles can reduce the burden on the feet during mountain climbing, so running long-distance and high-climbing cross-country running competitions, using running/walking sticks can reduce physical exertion. Most running/hiking poles for trail running are used in pairs and have a fixed length. Users need to choose the appropriate size according to their height.

Trekking sticks

supplementary food
During cross-country running competitions or training, the body will continue to consume, so it needs to be supplemented in time to maintain the state. Runners supplement energy through energy gels with carbohydrates. At the same time, supplements with amino acids are needed to speed up recovery and maintain the state.

Sports Nutrition and Recovery

Necessary equipment for participants of the Hong Kong Mountain Championships:
Participants of the Hong Kong Mountain Road Championships are required to bring the following necessary equipment during the competition. Therefore, participants must prepare the following equipment.
1. Windbreaker It is recommended to pay attention to the weather forecast before the game. If the weather is ideal, you can choose a lighter windbreaker.

men's jacket

ladies coat

2. Mobile phone (with local call function)
Participants need to ensure that their mobile phones have local calling functions and maintain sufficient power to ensure personal safety.
3. Lighter headlights can be considered for headlights, but please install batteries/fully charged to ensure personal safety.

4. Whistle Part of the trail running backpack is attached with a small whistle, if not, you need to bring another one to meet the requirements.
5. Water bottle (minimum capacity is 1 liter)
Consider using two 0.5 liter soft water bottles to meet the requirements.

soft water bottle

Pay attention to changes in the weather and environment: No matter before training or competition, it is recommended to pay attention to the weather forecast first, and make adjustments to equipment and supplements according to the expected weather conditions. If the temperature is expected to be higher, more water should be brought as a supplement. In addition, if it is expected to rain, you can prepare a waterproof jacket and better running shoes according to the situation. At the same time, the speed and physical strength distribution should be adjusted according to the changes of weather and environment.

Supplementation of nutrition and water: Trail running requires a lot of energy and water, so make sure you have sufficient nutritional intake, and carry enough water and energy food at all times, and supplement at the right time. Runners can bring carbohydrate-containing energy gels to ensure long-lasting energy supply. On the other hand, amino acid nutritional supplements should be used to maintain the state during the competition/training and accelerate muscle recovery after the competition/training.

Monitor your physical condition: Trail running requires a certain amount of physical strength and endurance, so you need to monitor your physical condition and do what you can. If you feel unwell, stop immediately and seek help.

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