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TransLantau by UTMB® Route Strategy (3) 140km

TransLantau by UTMB® 路線攻略(三) 140公里 - Cam2

Samson Lam |

This time, I will continue to analyze and introduce the newly added 140km route of TransLantau by UTMB®.


TransLantau140 is the first time to join the race, with a total distance of 140.2 kilometers and a total climb of 6489 meters. There are a total of 12 checkpoints and 13 road sections. Cross many different trails on Lantau Island. Some sections of the road have a large climb and the distance is long, so it will attract many experts to participate, but to participate in this distance, you need to have sufficient training and preparation beforehand.

The starting time of TransLantau140 is 12:00 midnight. On the one hand, adequate rest should be arranged before the game, and the work and rest before the story should also be adjusted to some extent. In addition, because the traffic on Lantau Island is not very convenient at night, the support must be well prepared and deployed.

(Image credit: TransLantau by UTMB)

(Image credit: TransLantau by UTMB)

Strava Map

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(1) Mui Wo – Chi Chi Wan (Distance: 10.4km; Climb: 479m)

The race will start at Silver Mine Bay Beach. The first 3 kilometers will be reversed along the 12th section of Phoenix Trail. After that, it will turn to the trail to Ngau Kwok Wan and Shi Long New Village. After reaching Shi Long New Village, turn to Chi Ma Wan Road. This section of the road is relatively flat. Then transfer to Chi Ma Wan Country Trail, you need to climb up the Old Man's Mountain and then descend to the Chi Ma Wan Checkpoint at Shi Long Reservoir. The climb of Old Man's Mountain is not too big, and it is still a relatively early stage of the race, so you need to keep your physical strength. down, it shouldn't be hard to deal with.

The Chi Ma Wan checkpoint is not allowed to support the checkpoint, so at this checkpoint on the day of the game, you can only rely on the support of the organizer.

(2) Chi Ma Wan – Pui O (Distance: 14.2km; Climb: 305m)

After leaving the Chi Ma Wan checkpoint, continue along the Chi Ma Wan Country Trail, and turn to the direction of Pui O at the rear section. After passing outside Pui O Beach, you will arrive at the Pui O checkpoint. The up and down of this section is not too big, but the distance is long, so please have enough supplements before starting at Chi Ma Wan checkpoint. In addition, there are stokers in Pui'ao Village. During training, you can go to the village to supply stoves, and you can leave by bus at the same time.

(3) Pui O – Huanglongkeng (Distance: 10.1km; Climb: 832m)

After leaving the Pui O checkpoint, you will go around Chi Ma Wan Road to the Phoenix Trail. You will climb to the top of Daniu Lake (Pak Fu Tin Mountain), which is not very difficult. Go down the mountain and head towards Nanshan. After Nanshan, follow the Phoenix Trail to Huanglong. The Hang Country Trail, going down the mountain to the checkpoint at Huanglong Hang, has a large range of ascent and descent, so it is necessary to make good arrangements for the distribution of physical strength.

The location of the Wong Lung Hang checkpoint is closer to Tung Chung, and the training can be considered as the start and end of the training. The game can also consider arranging support to supply supplies at this station.

(4) Wong Lung Hang – Ngong Ping (Distance: 13km; Climb: 1016m)

This stage is the stage with the largest climb in the entire race, and it will pass through Phoenix Mountain, the high point of the race, so there should be enough supplements before departure.

After leaving the Wong Lung Hang checkpoint, walk along Tung Chung Road, pass through Yu Tai Court and Yat Tung Estate, and then pass through Shek Mun A and Di Tong Tsai Country Trail to Pak Kung Au. The other side is along Phoenix Path to board the competition. The highest point is the top of Phoenix Mountain, and then descend to the checkpoint at Ngong Ping. Please note that there is no supply station at Bogong Au, so when you start to climb Phoenix Mountain, you must have enough supplies.

After leaving Tung Chung, the entire section is an uphill section, but the slope is acceptable, but the downhill section after the top of Phoenix Mountain is relatively straight, and some of the grades are also higher, so be careful when going down the mountain.

(5) Ngong Ping - Kau Ling Chung (Distance: 10.5km; Climb: 330m)
This section starts from Ngong Ping, along the Phoenix Trail, and connects the Qiang Shan Countryside Trail to Checkpoint 5 of the Kau Ling Chung Aqueduct. There are many sections going down the mountain in this section, and the consumption of physical energy should be small. At the same time, due to the low difficulty, you can also reply to this section.
After starting from Ngong Ping, you will follow the roads of Ngong Ping Road and Shenqu Road, down the slope to the Phoenix Mountain Arch on Qiang Shan Road. Afterwards, enter the mountain trail. This section is dominated by relatively natural mountain trails, and then climbs Guanyin Mountain and Qiang Mountain. The ascent is not too large. It reaches the point where it connects with the Qiang Mountain Country Trail and descends along the Qiang Mountain Country Trail to Gou Ling. surge checkpoint.
Note that the Huigulingyong checkpoint is a checkpoint that does not allow support teams, so it can only rely on the support of the General Assembly.

(6) Kowling Chung – Tai O (Distance: 12.8km; Climb: 520m)

This section starts from Gouling Chung. It first passes through a water diversion channel of about 1.5 kilometers, and then turns back to the mountain trail. It is a moderate-distance (about 2 kilometers) climbing section, and then it will be a high, relatively flat section. , after Wanzhangbu and Yaying Mountain, go down the mountain to the coastal path near Tai O, and then you will reach the Tai O checkpoint.

Since it is also convenient to travel to Tai O, transportation and food arrangements are also convenient. If you want to arrange support from relatives and friends, Tai O will be a good choice.

(7) Tai O - Shenqu (Distance: 7.3km; Climb: 163m)

This section is the easier section of the entire race. After the participants leave the checkpoint at the Buddhist Faka Memorial Secondary School, they will pass through the streets and alleys of Tai O. When training and testing the road, they may need to pay more attention to GPX to avoid mistakes. road. After leaving Tai O, you will follow the Dongao Ancient Road to Shenqu Village. Most of the road sections are mixed with dirt roads and concrete roads.

The checkpoint of the deep bend is a checkpoint that does not allow the support team, so it can only rely on the support of the General Assembly. In Shenqu Village, there are more students, and you can go to supply them for training and competitions.

(8) Shenqu – Ngong Ping (Distance: 15km; Climb: 807m)

This section is the longest section of the entire race, so please start when you have enough supplies in the deep bend. The first 7 kilometers of this section will continue along the Dong'ao Ancient Road. It is mainly composed of concrete roads, mostly flat, combined with some short dark slopes, passing through the village of Shaluowan, and can also be used for supply.

Afterwards, it will turn to Ngong Ping 360 Rescue Trail. Since reaching this position, the body has been exhausted. The climbing section of Ngong Ping 360 Rescue Trail and the wooden stairs of Ngong Ping Plank Road will be very large due to the high climbing range. Challenge, in addition to paying attention to physical strength, you should also pay attention to weather changes.

After arriving at the Maitreya Hill turning point, you will turn to the Maitreya Hill Country Trail, and the road section will turn to be relatively flat. Although some sections of the road are slightly rugged, it still takes about 5 kilometers to reach the checkpoint at Ngong Ping.

(9) Ngong Ping – Shuikou (Distance: 11.6km; Climb: 165m)

This section of the road is mainly downhill and flat. After leaving the Ngong Ping checkpoint, it will continue downhill along the Shek Pik Countryside Trail, which is about 5 kilometers long. After arriving at Shek Pik, turn to section 9 of Phoenix Path, towards the checkpoint between Lo Kei Wan and Shui Hau, and this section turns into a relatively flat section.

(10) Shuikou – Bogong Au (distance: 7.7 kilometers; climb: 395 meters)

Starting from Shuikou Village, you will continue along the Phoenix Trail. After a small climb, you will reach the water channel. After going through the water channel for about 3 kilometers, it will connect with the South Lantau Country Trail, and you will experience another moderately climbing off-road section. , it will become flat, and finally it will reach the Pak Kung Au.

(11) Bogong Au - Baimang (Distance: 10.2km; Climb: 564m)

This is another challenging section of the entire route. Participants start from Pak Kung Au, climb the Dadong Mountain along the Phoenix Trail to Shuangdong Au, turn left towards Lianhua Mountain and Po Beard Mountain, and finally descend through Baimang Village After that, you will arrive at the checkpoint near Niu Kulang.

Although the distance is not too long, the climb and descent of this section are relatively large, and at the same time it has reached the latter part of the race, so please keep enough physical strength before starting.

Baimang Village has a store, which can be considered for supply during training.

(12) Baimang - Discovery Bay (Distance: 8.6km; Climb: 499m)

After starting from Baimang, you will follow the Hong Kong Olympic Trail, turn left onto the Tiger Head Country Trail, pass the top of the Tiger Head to Xihuatong, go down the mountain along the trail to the location near Tao Shan Court in Discovery Bay, and proceed along Discovery Bay Road. Then turn to the mountain road to the checkpoint located at the Discovery Bay Observatory.

This section of the downhill road is relatively rugged, so you should pay more attention when going down the mountain. In addition, there are many turns and branch roads in this section, so you may need to pay more attention to GPX during training.

(13) Discovery Bay - Mui Wo (Distance: 7.9km; Climb: 414m)

After leaving the checkpoint, walk along Discovery Bay Road, past the Discovery Bay Reservoir, near the golf course, and turn to a more rugged trail to Tai Shui Hang Kagura Institute. After that, the road conditions are better. After climbing the hill, you will arrive at the descending hill. The end of the Milky Way Garden in Mui Wo.

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