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SALOMON Hong Kong Cross Country Series Cam2 Lantau Route Guide

SALOMON香港越野系列賽 Cam2 大嶼山 路線攻略 - Cam2

Samson Lam |

The SALOMON Hong Kong Cross-Country Series has a total of 5 short- to medium-distance and high-climbing events to test the runners’ speed and skills. The event will cover a number of challenging and unique Hong Kong mountain trails. Now we will analyze the routes at each station to help you master and challenge each route.

SALOMON Hong Kong Off-Road Series – Cam2 Lantau Island

Distance: 22.7 kilometers Climb: 1640 meters Time limit: 7 hours Checkpoints and supply stations:
CP1: Ngong Ping (9.5 kilometers, time limit: 2.5 hours)
CP2: Pekong Au (14.1 kilometers, time limit: 4 hours)
(The route is under review and the final route may change slightly)

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Cam2 Lantau will be held first on October 22, 2023. Although the distance of this event is only 22.7 kilometers, the shortest distance among all stages, it climbs up to 1,640 meters. It will definitely test the runners’ climbing ability and descending skills.

The starting point is at Tung Chung Wen Tung Road Park. After starting, runners will follow Wen Tung Road to Qia Tung Road and turn right onto the stairs, then turn to Yu Tung Road and go straight along the pedestrian road. At the end of Qia Tung Road, turn right Head towards the Tung Chung Hou Wong Temple Public Toilet and the Tung O Ancient Road, turn left at Ngong Ping 360 Rescue Trail and go up the mountain, and then start the first uphill section. There is a completely flat road section of about 3.6 kilometers from the starting point to the Ngong Ping 360 Rescue Trail. Runners should control their speed according to their ability to avoid physical exhaustion when going up and down the mountain later.

The initial section of the Ngong Ping 360 Aided Trail is mainly made up of stone steps and dirt roads, with a medium-to-high climb. It then turns to mainly wooden boardwalks and becomes flat at the Maitreya Turning Station. Although this uphill section is only about 3.1 kilometers, the climb exceeds 500 meters, which will be a major test of your climbing ability.

After the Maitreya Hill turnaround station, go straight to Ngong Ping Market and Ngong Ping Square along the Maitreya Hill Countryside. After passing Ngong Ping Square, take the small road to Ngong Ping Interesting Trail and arrive at checkpoint 1 near the tea plantation. Since the section after the Maitreya Mountain turnaround station is relatively flat, runners can make adjustments here to prepare for the climb up the mountain later.

In addition, if you are conducting road trials or training, you can replenish your supplies at the Ngong Ping store.

After leaving Checkpoint 1, pass the Ngong Ping Fun Trail and then follow the Phoenix Trail to the top of Phoenix Mountain, the highest point of the race. This uphill section is not long, but has a large climb, which will definitely test the runners' physical fitness. After reaching the top of Fenghuang Mountain, you will start to go downhill along the Fenghuang Trail to Pak Kung Au, cross Tung Chung Road, and reach checkpoint 2. Skilled downhill skills can help you gain an advantage in this section.

After checkpoint 2, we will continue along the Phoenix Trail to Dadong and Erdong. This is the final uphill section of the race, which tests the runners' endurance. This section requires steady performance to maintain the chance of winning. After going east, follow the Phoenix Trail down the mountain to Nanshan. The beginning of this period will be the last chance for masters from all walks of life to compete against time and challenge the top speed. After arriving at Nanshan, turn to the Nanshan Ancient Road to Luditang Village. The road conditions are relatively rough. Finally, via Luk Ti Tong Village Trail and Mui Wo Rural Committee Road, you will reach the final destination, Mui Wo Galaxy Garden.

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The SALOMON Hong Kong Cross-Country Series is now open for registration. The number of places in each event is limited. Seize the opportunity and register now!

Registration and details:

October 22, 2023: Cam2 Lantau Island (22.7km)
November 19, 2023: Cam2 Tai Mo Shan (28.9km)
January 1, 2024: Cam2 Saigon (27.9 km)
January 14, 2024: Hong Kong Dynamic Tai Mo Shan (28.9 km)
February 25, 2024: Hong Kong Power 50km Challenge (49.3km)

In order to encourage everyone to compete for the overall ranking of the SALOMON Hong Kong Cross-Country Series by participating in multiple races, early bird exclusive extra gifts are provided to participants.
- Complete registration for all 5 SALOMON Hong Kong Cross-Country Series races on or before September 13 (no need to register at the same time), and you will receive a SALOMON Active Skin 4 Running Vest (value: $798)
- Complete registration for any 3 SALOMON Hong Kong Cross Country Series races on or before September 13th (no need to register at the same time), and you will receive a SALOMON Adv Skin Belt Race Flag (value: 298)

***Participants can only enjoy one of the above gifts
***The relevant colors will be sent out randomly
*** The gift may be changed to a waist bag of the same value.

Register for each competition to receive rich souvenirs and enjoy instant discounts!
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Complete the event and receive an electronic certificate of the finisher medal

The top 30 in the men's and women's individual categories in each race, the top 3 in the overall series rankings, and the top 3 in the Hong Kong Power 50km Challenge team will receive rich gifts from SALOMON, Suunto, TSL Outdoor, Oakley, aminoVITAL, SPORCKS, and ARC prize. The total value of the prizes exceeds HKD$300,000.

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