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Talking with representatives of the Hong Kong cross-country running world championship team Aji, Yingying and Minyi @cam2

與越野跑世錦賽港隊代表對話 阿歹、鷹鷹和敏怡 @cam2 - Cam2

Logan So |

Live review

Cross-country running has never been a blessed sport in Hong Kong. To compete for a place in the international spotlight, you can only rely on two legs and a heart. In the World Cross-Country Running Championships just held in Austria, four Hong Kong hearts pushed the Hong Kong team to 14th in the world and second in Asia (men's individual, women's individual third in Asia). I'm so grateful to Hao Cong, Aji, Yingying and Min. Yi’s hard work!

Three members of the Hong Kong team have returned to Hong Kong (Hao Cong will not return to Hong Kong until July because he has to participate in another international cross-country race). @cam2hongkong teamed up with Fengshan Run to hold a special live on fb/YouTube, and arranged for Aji, Ying Ying and Minyi talked with everyone, face to face, heart-to-heart, and recounted the ups and downs of the game together, and of course there were a lot of juicy peanuts. This time, we have invited Coach Zhang Qifeng and Dr. Sun Limin as guest hosts. They will provide both technical analysis and superficial to profound questions, which are sure to create sparks.

Date: 19-6-2023 (Monday)
Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

Guests: Xie Juewei (Ajie), Zeng Jinjie (Eagle Eagle), Zhang Minyi Host: Coach Zhang Qifeng, Dr. Sun Limin

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