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Canadian high-tech shoe brand-Norda

加拿大高科技鞋業品牌 -Norda - Cam2

Garfield Sou |

Introducing Canadian high-tech shoe brand-Norda 🇨🇦

Brand and product introduction:
Experience the power of running that transcends boundaries and lasts forever. As a lifelong endurance athlete, I realized the need for a trail running shoe that combined the right fit, cushioning, traction, lightweight, breathability, and material innovation.

Driven by a passion for excellence, they knew traditional mass production techniques would not deliver the shoes Norda envisioned. The team looked to the past for inspiration to shape the running shoe of the future.

Norda™️ Each pair of shoes is precision laser cut and hand-sewn with meticulous attention to detail, and their commitment to craftsmanship ensures that each pair is a perfect work of art, custom-made to measure.

Norda™️ exists because a team loves running and they were tired of just "good" trail shoes. They believe in running without boundaries and always exceeding their limits, and their shoes are a testament to this spirit.

Take your running experience to the next level with the world's most responsive trail running shoe for technical terrain, now with bio-based Dyneema®️ technology.

By lowering the sole height, you enhance your feel of the ground and feel more connected to the earth. The padded heel collar and pyramid insole geometry deliver impeccable confidence, ensuring you stay firmly planted in even the most challenging conditions. Get ready to conquer new peaks and challenge unprecedented limits.

The upper is woven with bio-based Dyneema®️, setting new standards for performance, wear resistance and environmental sustainability. This innovative material allows us to provide superior durability while leaving the slightest environmental footprint, and the mountainous skyline of Canada's Montreal is added to the side of the shoe for 3M reflection, and the sole uses the Canadian Shield mountain shape to become the sole. texture.

The laces feature a diamond design pattern incorporating bio-based Dyneema®️ and recycled polyester, combining strength and environmental awareness. With high-visibility reflective elements from front to rear, you have 360° visibility in low-light environments to protect your safety.

Introducing the Norda™️ Locking System, this ultra-light, comfortable sock features latch plate construction for a great fit. Your feet will stay securely in place, providing you with stability in changing terrain and environments.

A custom eTPU design is used inside the shoe to maximize energy absorption and rebound with every step. You'll experience unparalleled comfort and responsiveness that propels you forward with every step.

Midsole cushioning combines the expertise of Norda™️ and Vibram®️ to form the Norda™️ x Vibram®️ SLE. This advanced technology provides optimal shock absorption and support to help you perform at your best throughout your trail run.

At the bottom is a Norda™️ x Vibram®️ exclusive Formation sole featuring Litebase®️ and Megagrip®️ rubber. Featuring a 5mm tread, this sole provides superior traction, giving you the confidence and control to tackle the toughest trails on any surface.

Join us and redefine what's possible in trail running. Climb new heights and push your limits to experience the unparalleled performance of our trail running shoes and the thrill of conquering technical terrain. Let’s start this extraordinary journey together.

‼ ️ To ensure a perfect fit, it is recommended to choose a shoe that is half a size larger than your normal size. ‼ ️

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