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Suunto Race Sports Watch Review

Suunto Race 運動手錶審查 - Cam2

Manger Cam2 |

In the sports watch market in 2023, Suunto Race is undoubtedly a highly anticipated product. Below is a detailed review of the watch.

Beautiful design and exquisite details
Many optimizations have been made in the design, including details such as the screen, system and case, to make it look more refined. The novel AMOLED screen allows Suunto to compete with Polar and closely follow Garmin. The watch has a beautiful shape and excellent feel. It is equipped with a new digital crown and adds touch screen operation. In addition to these obvious features, the battery life of the Suunto Race is also extremely strong, even with the AMOLED screen, it can provide long-term use. The addition of the map function, derived from the verification of Suunto Vertical, is a major advantage of this watch.

Battery life
For a sports watch with an AMOLED screen, Suunto Race ’s battery life is excellent. When using the GPS recording function that records once per second, it can still support long-term use and meet the needs of multi-day adventure recording. At this point, the Suunto Race is clearly better than the Apple Watch Ultra 2, which as a sports watch still has some compromises in terms of battery life.

Although the display of Suunto Race has a relatively small bezel/black ring, it is still clearly readable in normal sunlight and the user experience is good.

Materials & Durability <br>Using titanium/stainless steel construction and 100% sapphire glass, provides excellent durability and appearance. This means that your Suunto Race will stay looking new for many more years than other watches.

training and competition
Whether it's simple impromptu interval training or third-party digital training plans, Suunto Race offers comprehensive training planning capabilities. Although missing the increasingly less important ANT+ multi-sensor support, the Suunto Race performs well in sports such as running and hiking, and supports third-party technology.

Suunto's smartphone app performs well in terms of interface design and functionality, especially the route planning feature, which takes advantage of the smartphone's large screen to provide useful 3D visualizations and usage heat maps.

Heart rate and sleep tracking
Suunto Race has improved training features, as well as physiological and sleep features, including heart rate variability and sleep stage tracking.

Features and Compatibility

Suunto Race not only makes a breakthrough in hardware, but also becomes a strong competitor in terms of functionality through the newly launched app store. The addition of the Suunto PLUS app allows users to add complexity as needed, rather than having a large number of pre-installed complex functions like Garmin watches. The watch's features, including apps, received high ratings, showing Suunto's great progress in this area.

While the Suunto Race's dial selection isn't as extensive as expected, its accuracy, built-in sensors, and accompanying smartphone app are more than adequate for training and route planning needs. Suunto's new app store has turned the company into a real competitor in terms of functionality, even surpassing Garmin in some areas.

In the 2023 sports watch market, the Suunto Race stands out for its beautiful design and excellent value. This watch not only has Suunto's usual high quality, but also is equipped with the latest AMOLED display, making it particularly special among similar products.

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