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NamedSport Total Energy Fruit Bar 35g

NamedSport  |  SKU: NAMEDSPORT-SP8373
HK$27 HK$32



NamedSport Total Energy Fruit Bar 35g pays attention to its balanced carbohydrate matrix, providing athletes with fast energy and sustained energy. It contains 30 grams of carbohydrates, puffed rice, honey and fruit rich in vitamins B1, B6 and C. With its "non-stick" rice paper packaging, it is easy to transport and reduces mess.

The NamedSport Total Energy Fruit Bar 35g is an essential nutritional supplement for you during exercise. It provides fast energy and sustained energy, ensuring that you maintain a high level of performance during exercise. In addition, its honey and fruit components not only provide energy, but also contain rich vitamins B1, B6 and C, which help strengthen the immune system and increase resistance.

The NamedSport Total Energy Fruit Bar 35g comes with a "non-stick" rice paper packaging that is easy to carry and can be easily consumed even during strenuous exercise, without dirtying your hands and equipment. It also provides 30 grams of carbohydrates that can quickly replenish energy, enhance your performance, while also providing sustained energy to keep you full of energy during long exercise.

Get NamedSport Total Energy Fruit Bar 35g from now to fuel your athletic performance with energy and nutrition!