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Naked Running Band v2

Naked  |  SKU: NAKEDBELT-1
HK$441 HK$490


Size Guide

Calculate your own measures, then select your running band size.
NOTE: running band will fit snugly to your body for zero bounce.
It will feel tight. If you want a looser fit size up 1. 

Order Size
1 71 28"
2 73.5 29
3 76 30
4 78.5 31
5 81 32
6 83.5 33
7 86 34
8 89 35
9 91.5 36
10 94 37
11 96.5 38
12 99 39


Naked Running Band v2 is a high-performance waistband that provides sports enthusiasts with a new way of carrying their essentials. It has multiple features that make it easy to carry fuel, liquids, accessories, or trekking poles.

Naked Running Band v2 uses Naked® Exopower mesh material, which is breathable and fast-drying, keeping your body comfortable and dry. It also has anti-friction and anti-bounce features, which won't harm your skin. Additionally, it is very lightweight, weighing only 65 grams (2.3 ounces), and won't burden you.

Naked Running Band v2 can carry water bladders of various brands and sizes, allowing you to replenish water at any time during exercise. It can also carry energy gels, fuel bars, sunglasses, headlamps, and other accessories, allowing you to replenish energy and necessities while on the move. Additionally, it can securely hold various sizes of smartphones, allowing you to stay connected with the outside world at any time. Reflective safety elements can increase your visibility and protect your safety.

Naked Running Band v2 also has a silicone grip ring that can secure raincoats and trekking poles, making you more stable and comfortable while on the move. It can also securely hold race numbers, so you don't have to worry about losing them during competition. The internal micro clip can secure your items, making your movement more comfortable and stable.

Naked Running Band v2 offers 12 sizes that are suitable for both men and women and can accommodate more than 2 liters of items. If you are looking for a convenient sports waistband, then Naked Running Band v2 is definitely your best choice. It has multiple features that can be adjusted according to your needs, allowing you to replenish water and energy anytime, anywhere, making your sports more comfortable and convenient.

Buy Naked Running Band v2 now on and make your sports more comfortable and convenient. We guarantee the quality and reliability of the product, allowing you to use it with confidence. Don't hesitate, visit now and purchase Naked Running Band v2 to experience the convenience and comfort of a high-quality sports waistband!

Customer Reviews

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Try before you buy

Try the size in store. It is not the same as your usual waist size.

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