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Em's Power Cookies Em's Bite

Em's Power  |  SKU: EMS-PB-CHOCO-OAT
HK$9 HK$11



Em's Power Cookies Em's Bite from Cam2 Outdoor Sports store is a very high quality snack that can provide you with healthy energy replenishment, being the ideal choice for energizing yourself during exercise. These snacks are carefully formulated by Em's Power Cookies using natural and healthy ingredients without any artificial components, guaranteeing they are 100% pure and natural. They are very suitable for school lunches, athletes, the office and snacks while traveling.

Em's Power Cookies Em's Bite is a very nutritious and delicious snack made from low GI oats, dried fruits as well as healthy fats from nuts or sunflower seed oil. These natural ingredients can provide you with sustained energy to keep you in optimal condition during exercise while also satisfying your taste buds. Em's Power Cookies Em's Bite is a very convenient snack that you can put in your pocket or sports bag to replenish energy anytime, anywhere.

At Cam2, we highly recommend Em's Power Cookies Em's Bite snacks. They are specially made in Em's kitchen, guaranteeing they are the healthiest, tastiest and most nutritious snacks to provide you with sustained energy. We guarantee that purchasing this product from is a wise choice. We provide fast and reliable delivery for you to get the product you need in the shortest time. If you have any questions or need help regarding the product, please feel free to contact our customer service team anytime and we will be glad to serve you. Purchase Em's Power Cookies Em's Bite snacks from now to energize yourself during exercise and enjoy the best active experience!