Currex RunPro Insoles


Color: Red (Low Profile)
Size: XS
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Currex RunPro Shoe Insoles.

Dynamic insole lining: Each CURREX advanced insole has a different shape, arch height and elasticity for a perfect custom fit. RunPRO insoles provide astonishing comfort, optimized performance and enhanced stability to give you more confidence. Increase cushioning and reduce odor: The midlayer of these orthotic insoles provides moisture wicking and charcoal to reduce odor.

There is also PORON heel cushioning that dampens vibrations and bounces back, as well as PROPO+ with powerful propulsion. Anatomical elastic support: RunPRO insoles have flexible support, moderate rigidity. They include a 3D dynamic arch that provides anatomical support, dynamic stability and relieves fatigue.

Designed to reduce injury and pain: These arch support insoles are designed to reduce injury and pain from common foot issues like plantar fasciitis. Replace every 600 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first.

Great for running: Slip into these running insoles for triathlons, marathons and everyday running and walking. Fits all removable insole shoes.May require adding half a shoe size if adding to a shoe without removable insoles. Get Currex RunPro insoles now from to elevate your running experience!

Currex Insole Size Guide

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