Amino Vital CAM2 Hearty Powers Hong Kong Trail Championships 2022 (2) Short Course Route

Amino Vital CAM2 Hearty Powers Hong Kong Trail Championships 2022 organized by Hong Kong Association of Athletics Affiliates and title sponsored by aminoVital and Cam2 will be held on 4 September, 2022. Registration started on 28 July, 2022.

Besides the more difficult long distance category, it will have short distance category. The elevation gain is comparatively smaller. It will be good for the novice trail runners, or those enjoys short to middle distance on trail. The total distance is almost 19Km with elevation gain of around 963 Metres. Sart/Finish will be located at Bradbury Jockey Club Youth Hostel, Tai Mei Tuk. There will be 2 check points along the course.

(Route is subject to the final confirmation from organizer)

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Tai Mei Tuk – Wu Kau Tang (Distance: 9.1Km, Elevation Gain: 455M)

The route starts from Tai Mei Tuk, and goes along Tai Mei Tuk Road and Ting Kok Road. Then it turns into trail to Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail. It will be uphill on trail until around 3.6Km. It will then go down hill via the Wan Tsai Ancient Trail to Bride's Pool Road for the check point at Wu Kau Tang.

There are many intersections on this section. Please check the map or GPX file when you go for training or recce.

Wu Kau Tang – Bride's Pool (Distance: 4.6Km, Elevation Gain: 334M)

After leaving the check point, go up on Bride's Pool Road. Then turn to Wu Kau Tang Country Trail. It will be short uphill section, and then go down to Sau Uk Tsuen. Follows the trail after San UK Tsuen. It will reach Brdde ' Pool Road. After crossing the road, it will be the check point.

Bride's Pool – Tai Mei Tuk (Distance: 5.6Km, Elevation: 331M)

After leaving the check point, it will reach the Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail for up hill section. Then it will connection back the first section in reverse direction to go to the finish.

Although 19Km distance category is not a difficulty course, it has 3 medium level up hill section. As the race is expected to be held hotter weather, participants need to be aware bodies and water supplies.

Amino Vital CAM2 Hearty Powers Hong Kong Trail Championships 2022 (1) Long Course Route

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