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Trangia Stove 27 HA Cookset

Trangia  |  SKU: TRANGIA-150271
HK$762 HK$1,089



Trangia Stove 27 HA Cookset is the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts during trail running, hiking, camping, or any other outdoor activities. The cookware set is made of ultra-lightweight aluminum, making it lightweight and easy to carry. You can choose between the Spirit burner or Gas stove to select the fuel source that best suits your needs.

Trangia Stove 27 Small is suitable for 1-2 people and includes two one-liter pots (one inner and one outer), one frying pan, a wind shield (upper and lower parts), a burner, a handle, and a shoulder strap. If you need a kettle, please choose the 27 series kit with a kettle, which is only equipped with a Spirit burner for the 0.6-liter kettle due to space limitations. However, the gas stove can be purchased as an accessory and must be stored separately.

For other 27 sets without a kettle, you can choose a gas stove or Spirit burner. This series includes a variety of complete combinations, with different materials for the wind shield, pots, and frying pans.

The weight of each stove kit varies slightly, mainly depending on whether you choose to include a kettle or gas stove. All Trangia Stove 27 Small sets have the same size: a diameter of 18.5 centimeters when folded and a height of 10 centimeters.

You can use various materials of pots, frying pans, boxes, multi-functional plates, and other practical accessories with Trangia Stove 27 Small set. The stove is made in Sweden, weighing only 690 grams, and is compact and lightweight.

In conclusion, Trangia Stove 27 HA Cookset is an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts to cook delicious food. With its lightweight design and various options, you can customize it according to your needs. Don't miss this high-quality product, buy it now from