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Santa Madre Oatcake Energy Bars

Santa Madre  |  SKU: SANTA-MADRE-CRS-048
HK$24 HK$30



The Santa Madre Oatcake Energy Bars is a very tasty gluten free oat bar suitable for consumption during or between exercises. These energy bars are flavored based on the most popular dessert and cake flavors, allowing you to enjoy delicious taste while replenishing energy, staying healthy and energetic.

The OATCAKE BAR is an oat energy bar rich in carbohydrates that can provide you with long-lasting energy during exercise to keep your body healthy and energized. It is a gluten free energy bar with very cautious ingredients, free of harmful ingredients and palm oil, so you can eat it with peace of mind.

Each Santa Madre Oatcake Energy Bars weighs 60 grams and contains 286 calories of energy, the ideal snack for you during exercise. It is very portable and can be taken out and consumed anytime to replenish energy and improve performance during exercise.

This energy bar is very suitable for consumption before, during and after various exercises. It can serve as an energy supplement before exercise to help you replenish energy before starting exercise to prepare for challenges. It can also be consumed during exercise to provide you with lasting energy so that you stay vigorous and healthy during exercise. When you consume this energy bar after exercise, it can also help you replenish energy and speed up the body's recovery.

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