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Pjur Active mySKIN Flasche 30 ml

Pjur Active  |  SKU: PJUR-13280-01
HK$104 HK$115



No more blisters & chafing.

Prevent the pain - never again blister plasters!

musky prevents pain! It doesn't matter whether it's on your feet through your shoes, because of your underwear or simply because of friction on other parts of the body - musky is there for you! Simply apply and it protects you!

It also contains nourishing argan oil and natural vitamin E, is vegan, free of preservatives and leaves no stains.


mySKIN will help you!

Simply apply a thin layer to the areas of skin to be protected before your activity and you're done.

Immediately there is an invisible protective film that lasts for an extremely long time and still allows the skin to continue to breathe.

Move without pain!

The protective film does not allow any friction on your skin . Any risk of chafing, whether from clothing, shoes or skin, is intercepted by musky . This means that open wounds and blister plasters are a thing of the past .