Pjur Active 2Skin Anti-chafing Gel 20ml

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Everyone knows theproblemsof sports or leisure time: sometimes the activity load is simply stronger than our skin. The result areopen wounds, blisters and pain.


Put an end to friction and chafing – say goodbye to blister plasters
  • Durable, invisible protective film
  • Ultra long lasting, does not block the pores
  • Breathable, water & sweat resistant

Problems with blisters and chafing?

It’s a common complaint for runners, triathletes and all other sports enthusiasts: Just as you get into your stride, you start to feel chafing either from skin rubbing on skin or clothing rubbing on skin. The longer you run, ride or hike, the worse it gets – leaving you with blisters and open wounds that stop you achieving your goals.

2SKIN provides relief!

2SKIN can help you reach your goals! Simply apply a thin layer to the areas of skin you want to protect before you start your training session or activity. It immediately forms an invisible, breathable and extra-strong protective film that is resistant to water and sweat and lasts an extremely long time.

Achieve your goals! Without any pain!

The protective film prevents any friction on your skin. 2SKIN eliminates any risk of chafing, whether it's from clothing, shoes or your own skin – making open wounds and blister plasters a thing of the past.

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