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Nippi Collagen Bottle

Nippi  |  SKU: NIPPI-NI0100
HK$84 HK$120



Starting from the age of 20, the body loses at least 1% of collagen every year, and the rate of collagen proliferation is far slower than the rate of loss. Coupled with joint wear and tear caused by rapid urban life, daily life and sports, many urbanites and sports enthusiasts suffer from bone pain, joint and tendon health problems earlier.

Continue to take the healthy series of nippi collagen 100 to replenish the body with high-quality pure natural collagen, combined with 5000Da peptide molecular weight for optimal human absorption up to 90% or above, reshape the collagen structure in the body, effectively improve joint pain problems, and then targeted strengthening and repair Bones, joints, tendons.

Customers shared after consuming nippi collagen 100 for more than three months

  • Accelerate the recovery of people who have undergone surgery on bones, joints, and tendons
  • Significantly reduced bone pain and improved mobility
    (The longer you take it, the more effective it will be)

Applicable persons

  • Suffering from strained bone, joint and tendon problems due to sports or work
  • People who suffer from long-term joint pain and tendon mobility impairment
  • People over 40 years old and the elderly
  • Prevent strained joint and tendon problems