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National Sports Everyday Cloth Mask

National Sports  |  SKU: NS-MASK-LC
HK$41 HK$68



Patented ultra-light invisible bracket When you wear a general mask to exercise, do you often interrupt your exercise because the fabric blocks your breathing? "3D three-dimensional super aerobic sports mask" is supported by a patented 3D three-dimensional bracket to form a perfect breathing space. Worried that the fabric will be sucked into the fabric during exercise and you will not be able to breathe air "3D three-dimensional super aerobic exercise mask" allows you to take a big breath and exercise longer!

Ultra-lightweight mask design Generally, most sports masks on the market are too heavy, not only stuffy, but also greatly increase the pressure on the face. "3D three-dimensional super aerobic sports mask" is only 2.5g. Ultra-lightweight design, ultra-feeling and more comfortable to wear

 Skin-friendly fabric design Ordinary fabrics will feel stuffy as long as they sweat. "3D Super Aerobic Sports Mask" uses Japanese super breathable elastic fiber mesh fabrics, which are not only breathable and aerobic, but also fast perspiration and easy to dry. Whether it is sports, retraining, running or aerobic, it is OK

 The adjustable mask lanyard is designed with an elastic flat rope, which is comfortable to wear over the ear and the length of the ear rope can be adjusted freely according to the shape of the face. It is suitable for children and teenagers with various face shapes.

 Comes with a sports hook Are you still worried about wearing a mask for a long time? The 3D super aerobic sports mask comes with a free mask hook. It is not only suitable for those who need to wear masks for a long time, but also suitable for athletes. You can use the hook On the ear loop of the mask, it greatly releases the pressure on the ear