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Trangia Mess Tin

Trangia  |  SKU: TRANGIA-500210
HK$90 HK$129



The Trangia Mess Tin is renowned for its use in preparing cooked rice over a flame an is composed of aluminium for durability and convenience. True multi-functionality is demonstrated in its ability to heat or cook food, either in the oven or over an open flame, such as the Open Spirit Stove 23 or Trangia Triangle. With two sizes to choose from and the option of a handle, this versatile product has a wide range of accessories available. A versatile cooking apparatus that is both durable and lightweight. The Trangia Mess Tin is made from tough but light aluminium with a heat insulating handle.Use this Trangia Mess Tin for both cooking as an alternative to a pan, for simply storing food or even as a dish to eat out of.