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Mag-On Granuated Power (8 Sticks)

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【Mag-on Granuated Power quickly relieves the tightened muscles and improves the athlete's sprint strength🔥‼ ️】

Mag-on Granuated Power is rich in water-soluble magnesium👍, suitable for triathlon✨, full/half marathon, trail running, mountain climbing, cycling competition, swimming training and other sports. In various competitions, it is recommended that athletes not only equip Mag-on Energy Gel (energy gel) but also equip at least one pack of Granuated Power for replenishment, because Mag-on Granuated Power contains 200mg of water-soluble magnesium 💧, which can quickly Relieve adverse reactions such as muscle cramps, and help maintain the best state during the game💝🌟.


※Depending on the effect of individual physique, there are individual differences. It is also recommended to replenish after the game and practice.


Mag-on Granuated Power Special Effect Recipe Information:

Taste: Lemon Flavor (Powder)

Weight: 3.7g (each)

Main Ingredients: 200mg Magnesium


"Magnesium" is a nutrient that forms bones and teeth, and is of great help to the body's muscles and nerve functions, so many athletes will supplement enough "magnesium" before competitions.

Why is magnesium important for athletes?

 Studies have pointed out that athletes with sufficient magnesium will have better muscle strength, because magnesium can maintain proper exercise ability, for example: it can improve explosive power in practice, and it can help muscle recovery after exercise.

 Generally, a healthy and normal diet can absorb magnesium, but when athletes do strenuous exercise, they will quickly lose a large amount of magnesium, which will cause muscle tension, nerves cannot relax, and in severe cases, it will cause cramps.

 Therefore, athletes who generally participate in endurance challenges not only supplement enough magnesium, but also prepare more, so that the body can continue to output the energy it should.