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KT Tape Pro

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KT Tape Pro is a high performance sports tape that provides the most durable support and comfort. It is made from 100% synthetic fibers, highly breathable, and flexible supportive to maintain full range of motion. It can stick to the skin comfortably for up to 7 days even in sweat and moisture. KT Tape Pro is the world's first 100% synthetic sports tape. Its powerful adhesive works even in the harshest environments, allowing you to wear it while showering, swimming or surfing. Its reinforced elastic core provides better muscle, joint and tendon support without restricting comfort and range of motion, and its elastic core is also more durable than cotton sports tapes.

KT Tape Pro comes pre-cut, with each roll containing 20 pieces of 10-inch long, 2-inch wide tape strips with rounded corners to avoid tape edges fraying clothing or edges wearing down. Additionally, KT Tape products are latex-free, made from low allergenic materials suitable for sensitive skin users. Each packaging also comes with a hard plastic case for easy portability. KT Tape Pro's sports tape is designed to relieve pain and provide necessary support, especially for chronic injuries and overuse injuries, providing long lasting relief and support.

If you are looking for a sports tape that can provide comfortable support for a long time, you can purchase KT Tape Pro at Our products not only provide better elasticity and support, but also use 100% synthetic fibers with higher breathability and water resistance. Our sports tapes are meant to help you relieve pain and provide the necessary support for you to perform excellently during exercise. Purchase KT Tape Pro now on Cam2's official website and enjoy the benefits of high quality and long lasting support!