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Currex LifeFit

HK$612 HK$680



Currex LifeFit Insole is a dynamic shoe insole that offers different shapes, arch heights, and elasticity to achieve a perfect, customized fit. The LifeFit insole helps to relieve pressure on the forefoot with its soft padding and is the most medically-oriented insole developed by CURREX. Its unique technology and dynamic support ensure fresh legs, relaxed feet, and provide relief and support for your feet and joints.

This arch-supporting insole is designed to help relieve pressure points, provide additional cushioning relief, and offer the comfort and support necessary for healthy feet. It also activates foot nerves and muscles, allowing you to walk and stand for extended periods. It is recommended to replace the insole every 600 miles of walking or after 12 months of use to ensure optimal effectiveness.

The LifeFit insole is perfect for use in various settings, whether it be at work, leisure, shopping, walking, or on your next city trip. They are suitable for all shoes with removable insoles and feature a moisture-absorbing and breathable design, along with high-tech heel cushioning to bring more comfort, relaxation, and vitality to your daily life.

If you're looking for a high-quality, excellent functioning insole, Currex LifeFit Insole is definitely your best choice. You can easily purchase it on, and we guarantee its quality and authenticity. Order now and let the LifeFit insole bring more reliefand support to your feet and joints!