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Cam2 is an outdoor gear and trail running store located in Hong Kong, providing high quality and powerful sports supplements including CrampFix Quickfix Shot 20ml. This sports supplement comes from Australia and is made from 100% natural ingredients, can quickly and effectively control muscle cramps, the best choice for athletes.

CrampFix Quickfix Shot 20ml contains highly concentrated ingredients including vinegar, sugar, salt, potassium, calcium, magnesium chloride and natural citric acid. By stimulating the throat sensory nerves, it inhibits the overactive nervous system that causes muscle cramps. When muscle cramps occur, just drink one packet of CrampFix Quickfix Shot 20ml to quickly suppress cramps, drink another packet if the condition does not improve. Additionally, it helps to relax muscles and aids body recovery after training or competition.

CrampFix Quickfix Shot 20ml is very suitable for various sports enthusiasts such as runners, triathletes, trail runners, cyclists, ball sports etc, able to maintain abundant stamina and energy during exercise and effectively control muscle cramps. It is also suitable for outdoor workers, gardeners, construction workers and nighttime cramp sufferers.

The use of CrampFix Quickfix Shot 20ml is very simple, just drink one 20ml sports supplement packet, or simply swish it around in your mouth. It is an all natural sports supplement without caffeine, gluten, animal ingredients and prohibited substances, manufactured in Australia and meets HACCP quality standards.

CrampFix Quickfix Shot 20ml is your best companion during exercise, it can quickly and effectively control muscle cramps, maintain abundance of stamina and energy for you to perform better during exercise. If you are looking for a high quality, all natural sports supplement, CrampFix Quickfix Shot 20ml is your best choice. Purchase CrampFix Quickfix Shot 20ml on website to improve your sports performance!

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