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SUUNTO Dashan Walking Invitational Tournament

SUUNTO 大山競走邀請賽 - Cam2

Manger Cam2 |

Suunto has a long history, starting in 1936, and is known for high-quality and innovative products. Suunto's products are used by athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and divers, and their products are accurate and reliable to help track and improve performance in a variety of sports and outdoor activities. SUUNTO and Cam2 Sport have joined forces to organize an intense team competition called the SUUNTO Dashan Walking Invitational, inviting runners from China, Hong Kong and Macau to compete with each other to reveal who is the real overlord.

The SUUNTO Dashan Walking Invitational, sponsored by SUUNTO and co-organized by Cam2, will be held grandly in Tai Mo Shan on July 14, 2024. The race starts from Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park to the top of the mountain, with a total distance of 4.5 kilometers and a 450-meter climb. The entire race is run up a concrete road. It will definitely test the runners' endurance, slope running and teamwork spirit.

The top three runners in the event, the first male and female runners, the best cheerleading team, and the best pre-race publicity run will receive rich prizes.

----Competition Introduction----

Competition date : July 14, 2024
Race distance : 4.5 kilometers
Climb : 450 meters
Departure time : 8 am
Game time limit : 1.5 hours
Starting point : Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park
End point : Tai Mo Shan Weather Radar Station


----Competition route----

(Starting point) Tai Mo Shan car park > Drainage Services Department measuring station > Traffic shelter FW > Gate platform (2km supply station) > Tai Mo Shan weather radar station (end point)

Starting point: Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park

2km supply station: gate platform
(Water and water drinks are provided)

End point: Tai Mo Shan Weather Radar Station

---- Map----

[ Google Map ] [ Download GPX ]


Team Award:
First place: HK$10,000 + 1 aminoVITAL booster pack per person. Second place: HK$5,000 + 1 aminoV ITAL booster pack per person. Third place: HK$3,000 + 1 aminoV ITAL booster pack per person.

The first men to cross the finish line:
HK$2,000 + 1 SUUNTO sports watch + 1 set of aminoV ITAL refill pack
Women cross the finish line first:
HK$2,000 + 1 SUUNTO sports watch + 1 set of aminoV ITAL refill pack

Best Competition Cheerleader:

Best Pre-Game Promotion Award:
Participation Award:
All participants will receive a pack of aminoV ITAL Pro and aminoV ITAL Gold before starting and after finishing the race. Participants who complete the event within the time limit will receive an electronic certificate of completion, which can be downloaded from the timing company platform in the future.
Post-race party and lucky draw :
After the race, there will be a post-race party at the starting point. Participants can receive snack coupons with their number bibs, as well as various gifts sponsored by ARC, SPORCKS, and OAKLEY.

--Ranking calculation method and scoring criteria--

Team Award:
Each team sent 10 men and 5 women, and the total time of the 7 men and 3 women with the fastest results was calculated. (Based on the conference time)

Best Competition Cheerleaders:
The participating captains vote by themselves (you can only choose one team, you cannot choose your own team)
The winner with the most votes will be awarded.

Grading criteria :
• Teamwork • Dressing • Overall creativity • Infectivity

Best Pre-Game Promotion Award*:
Taking two months before the competition as the deadline, publicize the scoring criteria:
• Plan training content before competition • Distribute unique and creative photos and videos on promotional platforms

*The award for the best pre-match promotion will be presented on July 10th at Cam2.

----Registration details----

Registration qualifications : Only people over 18 years old who are invited to the race can participate.
Registration fee : HK$1,500 per team (HK$100 per person)
Deadline : June 10, 2024

Player package collection:
Date : July 10-13, 2024
Venue : Cam2 Sport (1006-1013, 10th Floor, Jiale Place, 56 Dundas Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong)
Time : 12:00 - 19:00

Player package contents :
• Race bib
• Commemorative bib button
• HK$50 Cam2 cash coupon x 2

If you need someone else to collect the player package on your behalf, please provide a confirmation email to the person who collects it on your behalf.

If the player is unable to collect the player pack at the Cam2 Sport store between July 10 and 13, he or she can collect it at the starting point before 07:30 on the day of the competition.

----Registration details----

  1. Late registrations will not be accepted.​
  2. Participants must ensure that the information submitted for registration is correct. After completing registration and payment, entrants will not be able to change their personal information.​
  3. Duplicate registrations will only be counted as one registration. The conference will not provide refunds, returns or name changes.​
  4. If a contestant provides incorrect information, fails to complete payment, or is ineligible to participate, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the contest and the paid fee will not be refunded. The conference will also inquire or request supplementary information from the contestants via email or other means.​
  5. If the number of registrants for the race exceeds the limit, the event will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis until the quota is full; the event will reserve the right to make the final decision. For those who fail to register successfully, the conference will notify you by email and arrange a refund within four to six weeks after the registration deadline.​
  6. After completing the registration and payment, it means that the participants abide by and accept all the terms, conditions and arrangements stipulated in this and all subsequent conferences.​

---- competition rules----

  1. You must follow the prescribed track and keep to the left, and do not take shortcuts.
  2. Participants who arrive at the finish line must immediately follow the route arranged by the organizer and return to the left to the starting point. They are not allowed to stay at the finish line, otherwise they will be disqualified.
  3. Participants need to complete the race on their own strength and can only accept supplies from checkpoints. Accompanying runners and receiving any external support are not allowed.
  4. Hiking poles are not allowed in this event, and teammates are not allowed to drag each other's ropes.
  5. The results of this event are calculated based on the conference time.
  6. Food and drinks provided at the checkpoint are for the enjoyment of participants only.
  7. The bib number and chip cannot be transferred to others.
  8. The number bib must be hung in a clearly visible position for identification purposes.
  9. No litter should be left on the track. Violators will be disqualified.
  10. Unless specifically announced by the conference, all time limits will be strictly enforced.
  11. Contestants are not allowed to take banned or illegal drugs.​
  12. Participants can deposit one piece of luggage at the starting point at 07:00 on the race day. The organizer will not be responsible for any loss or damage.
  13. Participants who withdraw midway must report to the competition timing staff at the nearest checkpoint / finishing point ( withdraw from the event ) and leave your race number bib for proper record keeping by the competition. Competitors who leave the track without returning their number bib will be considered "lost" and search and rescue will be initiated.
  14. If participants need assistance during the competition, they can call the conference’s emergency contact number.
  15. This event is only open to persons aged 18 or above.
  16. The conference has purchased public liability insurance, but it does not include personal accident insurance. Participants should purchase personal accident insurance if necessary.​
  17. If there is any dispute or complaint, the conference must be notified within 1 hour after the participant completes the competition and relevant evidence must be provided. The decision of the conference is final and there is no appeal.
  18. The organizer reserves the right to modify the competition rules, routes and/or other arrangements.

----Bad Weather Arrangements----

  1. If typhoon signal No. 8 or above is hoisted at or after 2 pm the day before the event, the event on that day will be cancelled.
  2. If there is a black rainstorm at or after 4 a.m. on the event day, the event will be cancelled.
  3. If any of the above warnings are posted before the event and the event is canceled, the registration fee will not be refunded.
  4. If the weather is bad or any of the above warnings are hoisted during the activity, the activity director has the right to change the activity route or cancel the activity in progress. Registration fees will not be refunded.
  5. Participants are advised to call or visit the Hong Kong Observatory to check the weather conditions in the morning of the event. (Tel: 1878200) and pay attention to the Cam2 Sport Facebook page for the latest news.

---- Contestant's Statement----

  1. All participants and/or their relatives and friends participate voluntarily and must clearly understand the nature and risks of the activity. They have no right to seek compensation or liability from the conference and the organizer for injuries, accidents, death or any form of loss caused by participating in the activity. .
  2. If you have any questions about your physical condition, please consult your doctor first. During activities, pay attention to whether your personal physical condition is suitable to continue, and act within your ability. If you feel unwell, please stop activities immediately and seek medical treatment.
  3. Public liability insurance has been purchased for the event. It is recommended that participants purchase personal accident insurance to protect their personal safety.
  4. During the event, please follow the instructions of the staff. If you need to inquire about the conference or request assistance, please contact the staff on site.
  5. Participants are required to abide by the laws of Hong Kong during their participation in this event.


----Final decision----

  1. The General Assembly reserves the right to amend these Articles of Association at any time without prior notice.
  2. In case of any dispute, the conference reserves the right of final decision.
  3. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify and disqualify anyone who violates, violates or fails to comply with any event rules. Fees for disqualified participants will not be refunded.
  4. The conference reserves the right to make the final decision on this event. Any temporary changes to competitions/activities will be announced on the event Facebook and website.

----Title Sponsor----

    ---- organizer----


    ----Beverage and food sponsorship----

    ----Media Partners----

    ---- Photography Partner ----


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