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Cam2 Runbase youth cross-country running course plan second phase physical class training

Cam2 Runbase 青少年越野跑課程計劃第二階段實體課訓練 - Cam2

Lester Admin |

Sincere thanks to 🙏Yongyi (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. for sponsoring the youth cross-country running course plan, On and Compressport Hong Kong agents sponsor cross-country running equipment for each young student 😊 😊 😊

Cam2 RunBase attaches great importance to young people's team spirit and passion for sports. We shoulder social responsibilities and give back to the society, sponsoring young people to participate in various running sports and outdoor activities. We have been committed to developing the development of local cross-country running. In recent years, the amount of exercise among young people has been significantly reduced due to the epidemic, so we will start hosting Cam2 Runbase for free for young people in April 2022. Cross-country running courses provide one-stop training for young people from equipment training to competitions, so that students can improve their personal character and physical fitness through cross-country running, so that students can learn perseverance and unyielding spirit from cross-country running, and can also improve their self-care abilities, thus promoting local cross-country running. develop

This program is hosted by Cam2 Runbase and is the title sponsor of Yongyi (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.. Xinfu Ministries, a registered non-profit Christian charity group, connects grassroots youth. The RUN TO PLAY running team leads and teaches cross-country running. The second phase of the entity Class training is concentrated from May to July. After selection, students who are selected to participate will receive equipment and school sponsorship. The RUN TO PLAY coach will improve students' physical fitness and character from shallow to deep, with the goal of participating in cross-country running competitions in the third stage. Prepare

Sun Fook Ministries Association Limited was established in November 1997. It is a registered non-profit Christian charity organization and a member organization of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. The association has been committed to serving new arrivals in Hong Kong (including domestic and ethnic minority groups), poor and grassroots families, and marginalized groups in society, helping them integrate into society; sharing the Christian faith with them and caring for their physical and spiritual needs , to achieve whole-person care. In addition, the association has also established the "Life Orientation Center and Creative Garden" to actively promote life education and environmental and cultural conservation, convey the value of caring for the poor through the "Care for the Poverty School" ministry, and founded the social enterprise "Shouqingjia" for Women’s empowerment allows grassroots groups to build lives by leveraging their strengths

Wing Yee (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong in 1966 and is a reputable distributor of medical consumables and pharmaceutical products. Our core focus is to serve the healthcare industry and its customers by providing the highest quality pharmaceuticals, medical and healthcare products from around the world. The company has earned the trust of the medical community and established a good reputation over the years, with the goal of consistently providing professional services to our customers.

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