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Summer trail running training strategy

夏天越野跑訓練攻略 - Cam2

Frankie Tse |

The physical trail running competition in Hong Kong has finally started, and many trail runners have started to train TransLantau™ by UTMB®
The store manager shares with you the precautions for cross-country running training in hot summer!!!
  1. Know the supply points for training/hiking routes, because cross-country running training will not be completed within 1 to 2 hours. Everyone must have enough supply points in the hot summer training location. The store manager recommends the third to eighth sections of the MacLehose Trail. Or the Hong Kong Island Trail are ideal training grounds. In addition, runners who have a car can put enough supplies in the car, and they can train back and forth on the mountain trail.
  2. The Importance of Hydration and Electrolyte Supplements One of the most important things to do during cross country training in the hot summer is to stay hydrated. If you are dehydrated in the summer, the mild cases will be dizzy and vomiting, and the severe cases will be life-threatening. When replenishing water, don't drink too much in one go. You should drink a small sip every 15 minutes or so, just like replenishing the water lost by sweat at any time. Alternatively electrolytes can be replenished from sports drinks, electrolyte pills or energy foods
  3. The choice of the training route, in addition to the need for a supply point, the route should have sufficient shade, and avoid the route that is exposed to the sun throughout the course, because the physical fitness will fall quickly in the hot summer, and it is even more difficult to cope with the exposure to the sun. For example, Castle Peak, Jigongling or Baxianling, etc.
  4. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and keep in mind that during thunderstorms, no outdoor areas are safe. If a thunderstorm warning is issued by the Observatory, it is not advisable to go to high ground and open areas for training. If a thunderstorm occurs during training, leave the peak and ridge as soon as possible and go to the lowland of the valley or mountainside to reduce the possibility of being struck by lightning. It is better to walk Escape into the building. When retreating from open heights, fellow runners should run in a dispersed manner to avoid being hit by more than one person at the same time
  5. The choice of training equipment in hot summer, the clothes should be as light and breathable as possible. Sun hats and sports sunglasses must be equipped. In addition, sunscreen should be applied before going up the mountain to prevent the skin from being sunburned during exercise. Replenish the sunscreen once, the sunscreen with too high SPF may increase the burden on the skin, so the sunscreen product with SPF 50 is enough
Cross-country running / hiking in hot summer, remember to add water and do what you can. Cam2 will join hands with the cross-country running club "Fengshan Run" to prepare for the free cross-country running training class held by TransLantau BY UTMB in November. Interested runners Remember to pay attention to Cam2 FB/ IG

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