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Trail Running Etiquette

越野跑禮儀 - Cam2

Frankie Tse |

Due to the epidemic, Hong Kong people are paying more and more attention to healthy life, and hiking and trail running are a good choice.

Recently, there have been many virtual events to challenge yourself, so many new friends have joined the trail running. Everyone who enjoys mountain sports should also pay attention to the etiquette on the mountain, because there will be other trail users on the road, and everyone is using the same trail. Road, must be comity and mutual respect

If you are running with your friends, try to keep a single line up, left and right. Don't mind giving way to faster runners, and the latter can also inform your friends to give way first. And everyone should say "thank you" when overtaking other hiking friends or runners. If the hiking friend walking in front doesn't care, you can politely ask others to let you pass first. Don't suddenly overtake in narrow places. to avoid danger to everyone

When encountering children, older or inconvenient hiking friends, they are relatively afraid of slippery or dangerous roads. If they give way in narrow places, it will be more difficult and even dangerous, so they should slow down when it is safe and feasible. Speed, be patient, let them go first, pass first when it's wide and safe

Please do not stop and rest in the middle of the mountain trail. You need to provide enough space for other hiking friends to pass through during the rest. In addition, everyone in the mountains expects to enjoy the quiet environment or the sound of nature, and try to reduce the volume of the radio or bluetooth speaker. Don't ask other people to "suffer" your personal musical tastes and spoil the peaceful natural environment. Also, during the epidemic, try not to talk to each other on both sides of the mountain trail, so as to avoid droplets from affecting other hiking friends

In addition, the "traceless mountain forest" is also what everyone needs to pay attention to. There is no garbage and destruction left in the mountains, which is also a respect for nature. Especially in the countryside of Hong Kong, trash cans have been completely eliminated, and everyone on the mountain has to take away their own garbage and masks. There will be no exceptions because you are a trail runner or a race.

Looking forward to more friends to enjoy the fun of trail running together

Photo by Yung TSz Chun