Santa Madre Energy Gel 30g CHO 100 Café 50ml

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Santa Madre Energy Gel 30g CHO 100 Caf 50ml is an exceptional energy gel that is perfect for athletes who need a quick and long-lasting energy boost during their workouts. This refreshing low-density energy gel is manufactured using advanced liquid technology, which ensures that it is easy to digest and is quickly absorbed by the body.

What sets this energy gel apart from others is its carefully formulated ingredients. Each gel is packed with 30g of carbohydrates, which is perfect for athletes who need a high amount of carbohydrates per hour. The ratio of 1:0.5 gives double the load to GLUT 1 but without forgetting the importance of the GLUT5 transporter, thus avoiding digestive failures. Additionally, it is complemented with micronutrients that intervene in energy metabolism to make it more efficient.

Santa Madre Energy Gel 30g CHO 100 Caf 50ml is also fortified with 100mg of caffeine, which is known to improve athletic performance. Caffeine has been extensively studied and has been shown to increase alertness, endurance, and performance.

This energy gel is designed for all types of climates, but is especially ideal for hotter climates. Thanks to its "Refresh" technology, it will leave on the palate a refreshing sensation, which helps the body in its thermoregulation to maintain performance.

If you're looking for a high-qualityenergy gel that can enhance your endurance and performance, then Santa Madre Energy Gel 30g CHO 100 Caf 50ml is the perfect option for you. It is a must-have for all athletes who want to push their limits and achieve their fitness goals.

You can easily buy Santa Madre Energy Gel 30g CHO 100 Caf 50ml from, where you can be assured of its quality and authenticity. So, hurry up and place your order now to enjoy the best workout experience with Santa Madre Energy Gel 30g CHO 100 Caf 50ml.

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