Beauty Beast Run - the largest virtual women's exclusive run in Hong Kong is now ready to go, and you can get impressive gifts after finished the registration. Simply, complete the 5km optional route between September 9 and November 11, 2022. Participants can choose your favorite trail to match the theme, and upload the completion time, distance, photos and running records on or before November 11, 2022. Challenge yourself to enjoy life and make your way to the beautiful mountain scenery.

Starting from September 9, 2022, Beauty Run Hong Kong Race Team prepared over one million HKD worth gifts for all participated runners to win during the challenge. Join the race and bring our sponsored sport and beauty gifts home. Cheers!

Gifts included:

The following gifts are sponsored by Signature Club:

  • Healthcare Signature Beauty Treatment $50,000 Star Program 1 set (Value: $50000/set)
  • Healthcare Signature Beauty Treatment $30,000 Star Program 1 set (Value: $30000/set)
  • Healthcare Signature Beauty Treatment $20,000 Star Program 1 set (Value: $20000/set)
  • Healthcare Signature Energy Power Set 29 sets (Value: $1640/set)
  • Healthcare Signature Sun Block 29 sets (Value: $1426/set)
  • Healthcare Signature Moisturizing Skin Care 29 sets (Value: $1340/set)
  • Healthcare Signature Joint Care Signature 10 sets (Value: $1280/set)
  • Healthcare Signature Women Health Multi Care Signature 10 sets (Value: $1280/set)
  • Healthcare Signature Health Care Program 1 set (Value: $2388/set)
  • Healthcare Signature Professional Pain Treatment 1 set (Value: $1680/set)
  • Healthcare Signature Cancer Genetic Risk Detection Program 1 set (Value: $4800/set)
  • Healthcare Signature DP Yoga Outfits 10 pcs (Value: $2220/pc)
  • aminoVITAL Perfect Energy Jelly 100 packs (Value: $43/pack)
  • aminoVITAL Gold 100 packs (Value: $26/pack)
  • aminoVITAL Pro 100 packs (Value: $20/pack)
  • aminoVITAL Shot 100 packs (Value: $35/pack)
  • Bitplay AquaSeal 01 Waterproof Bag 2 pcs (Value: $599/pc)
  • Bitplay AquaSeal 02 Waterproof Bag 2 pcs (Value: $639/pc)
  • Cam2 $50 Coupon 8000 pcs (Value: $50/pc)
  • CheckCheckCin Dusk Paper Pack Rice Water 250ml 4000 packs (Value: $15/pack)
  • Ciele AlzCap Athletics Small/Color: Brigade 1 pc (Value: $290/pc)
  • Ciele GOCap Athletics/Color: Brutis 1 pc (Value: $290/pc)
  • Ciele GOCap Athletics/Color: Magnum 1 pc (Value: $290/pc)
  • Compressport R2V2 Calf Sleeves 30 pairs (Value: $390/pair)
  • FUJIFILM Hydro Ag+ Medicated Moisturizing Hand Gel HA (Alcohol Free) 28ml 500 bottles (Value: $39/bottle)
  • Hoka Women's Speedgoat 5 Trail Running Shoes 4000 pairs (Value: $1500/pair)
  • Beauty Run Hong Kong Limited Edition Souvenir Vest $4000 pcs (Value: $300/pc)
  • K’s 3D Sport Mask 50 packs (Value: $90/pack)
  • Leki Micro Trail TA 1 pair (Value: $998/pair)
  • Nitecore UT 05 Waist Light 1 set (Value: $280/set)
  • Nitecore Gen2 NB10000 Ultra Lighweight Energy Brick 1 pc (Value: $468/pc)
  • Nitecore UT27 Head Light 1 pc (Value: $516/pc)
  • Nitecore NB20000 Portable Battery 1 pc (Value: $780/pc)
  • Oakley Sutro Lite Sweep Sunglasses 2 pairs (Value: $1700/pair)
  • Painza Cool Gel 200 pcs (Value: $48/pc)
  • Pocari Sweat ion water 350ml 4000 bottles (Value: $6.5/bottle)
  • Polar Pacer GPS SmartWatch 2 pcs (Value: $1780/pc)
  • NIPPI COLLAGEN 100 110gx3 5 boxes (Value: $690/box)
  • NIPPI COLLAGEN 100 150g 5 boxes (Value: $400/box)
  • Santa Madre Energy Jelly Gummy Bar200 packs (Value: $29/pack)
  • Shokz OpenRun Pro Open-Ear Bone Conduction Headphone (EK Limited Edition) 1 set (Value: $1599/set)
  • Shokz OpenRun S803 Bone Conduction Headphones (Tour de France Edition) 1 set (Value: $1249/set)
  • STYRD Running w/ Power 2 sets (Value: $2179/set)
  • Therabody Theragun Mini Gen 4 Handheld Massage Device 2 sets (Value: $1699/set)
  • Tingerlaat Sunlimited SPF50+ Face and body 60ml 3 bottles (Value: $220/bottle)
  • Uglow Truker Cap 5 pcs (Value: $300/pc)
  • Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta 15 pcs (Value: $1250/pc)
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  • Race Pack

    1. Hoka Women's Speedgoat 5 Trail Running Shoes (Value: $1500/pair)
    2. Limited Edition Souvenir Wristband
    3. Bib
    4. ** Pocari Sweat ion water 350ml (Value: $6.5/bottle)
    5. ** CheckCheckCin Dusk Paper Pack Rice Water 250ml (Value: $15/pack)
    6. Cam2 $50 Cash Coupon X 2
    7. Cam2 Shopping Points 2000分

** Local participants only

  • Post Event Gift:

    1. Limited Edition Souvenir Vest (Value: $390/pc)
    2. Finisher E-certificate

Registration Dates & Fee

Registration Dates: 9 September – 11 November, 2022
Registration Fee: $900
(Race pack and post event gifts for outside Hong Kong participants will be sent via SF Express. Extra delivery cost will be added to the registration fee. Delivery cost for different regions will be shown before confirmation of registration.

Important Dates

    • Registration, Race Pack Pick Up, Event Dates, and Result Upload
      9 September – 11 November, 2022
    • Post Event Gifts Pick up
      5 – 19 December, 2022 (Tentative)

Event Flow

  1. Register by clicking 'REGISTER NOW' Button

    This event is only for female over 18 years old. Participant needs to fill in personal information, select color and size of Hoka Speedgoat 5, limited edition souvenir vest size, and complete the payment. After complete of registration procedure, confirmation email with bib number and result upload link will be received.

  2. Follow the instruction about race pack pick up (Refer to Race pack and after event gifts pick up section)
  3. Participant is required to record your run using a GPS watch or mobile phone with Strava app to record the activity. If you plan to use GPS watch, it is a must to sync the app of GPS watch to Strava before running. Participant also needs to go to “Beauty Beast Run” Strava Club, click “Join Club” button.
  4. Participant needs to complete minimum distance of 5km in one time during 9 September – 11 November, 2022 (Remember to bring the bib, and required gear). There is no time limit to complete the whole course. Participant needs to take 1 picture along the course. Bib number, your face and view should be clearly shown in the picture. There will be no limit on number of attempts.
  5. Participant needs to upload result and picture on or before 11 November, 2022 by using the link on the confirmation email. There is no limit about number of time for result upload. The newly upload result will replace the previous one. The final result will base on the result as of 11 November, 2022 23:59. Participant will receive finisher e-certificate via email after result is confirmed.
  6. Follow the instruction to pick up the post event gift (Refer to Race pack and post event gifts pick up section).
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Race pack and post event gifts pick up

Race pack is ready to pick up at Cam2 Store from 9 September to 11 November 2022. Please show your confirmation email with bib number displayed (either printed copy or digital format is accepted) when pick up.

Post event gifts pick up is scheduled from 5 to 19 December, 2022. Please come to Cam2 store for pick up.

Address of Cam2 store: Room 1006-1013, 10/F., Gala Place, 56 Dundas Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon (Opening Hours: 11:30am – 9:15pm)

Outside Hong Kong Participant can pay extra delivery cost and provide outside Hong Kong mailing address for sending race pack items and post event gifts outside Hong Kong. Post event gifts will be sent out before end of December 2022.

​Race pack and post event gift collection by 3rd Party

Race pack can be collected by 3rd party, such as friend or relative, a copy of participant’s confirmation email, or screen capture of login registration with bib number displayed (printed copy or digital format) must be shown upon collection.

Change of HOKA Speedgoat 5 shoes size or colour, and limited edition souvenir vest size

Participant can change the size and colour of HOKA Speedgoat 5, within 10 days after receive. Cam2 will arrange on exchange according to the availability of stock, and reserve the final decision of exchange. Outside Hong Kong participant needs to be responsible for the cost of sending back and resending of exchanged item.

Change of limited edition souvenir vest size is not allowed. Please follow the size chart below about size of vest when you register for the event.

Limited Edition Souvenir Vest Size Chart

Size Chest (cm) Front Length (cm) Back Length (cm) Weight (kg) Height (cm)
XS 75.5 54 56.5 39-43 150-155
S 78.5 56 58.5 44-49 153-160
M 82 58 60.5 50-55 155-162
L 85.5 60 62.5 55-60 162-165
XL 89 62 64.5 62-65 165-170
2XL 92.5 64 66.5 66-72 170-175

Rules & Consent & Special Notices

  1. Participants should understand the nature and risk of the event, which they are joining voluntarily, and have no right to claim the liability of injuries, accidents, deaths or any form of loss caused by this event and its organizers.
  2. Please consult a doctor if you have any concern about your physical fitness prior or during this event. Whenever you feel unwell, you should stop immediately.
  3. Participants are recommended to have their own personal accident insurance.
  4. No signage will be set up on the course for direction. Participant needs to design her own course. Please be familiar with course before participating the event.
  5. The route involves roads shared by vehicles and road crossings. You should pay attention to traffic conditions and obey all relevant rules of the road.
  6. Please check the weather forecast in advance and do not start if adverse weather is expected. Please stop and look for shelter if the weather is bad.
  7. Please inform your friend/relative for the location, time and date of participating the event for safety reason.
  8. Be environmental friendly. No littering is allowed.
  9. Participants must obey the laws of Hong Kong SAR/local law of the country you participate. For participating in Hong Kong, please also observe the Department of Health and The Centre for Health Protection’s advice on public and personal hygiene during the event and take necessary measures in advance.
  10. Participants need to complete the event by running or walking.
  11. Participants need to complete the event in a single effort although there is no limit to the number of attempts within the event period. Amendment of a submitted result is not allowed after deadline.
  12. There will be no water points or aid stations. Please bring at least 1000ml of water, and some food. Participant can arrange support by others before, during and after their runs. Please bring your ID card, cash, and a mobile phone with local connection.
  13. Please take pictures with your number bib on you.
  14. Participants agree the organizer have the right of usage for the photos submitted and uploaded during the event.
  15. As all participants need to upload a Strava link and photos, please read the “Strava Set Up Details” and “Results Upload Details” documents on the event web site before starting the activity. The organizer reserves the right not to verify a submitted result or apply a time addition penalty for an invalid Strava link or any other failure to comply with the result submission requirement. For avoidance of doubt, screen captures, photos of a GPX watch or GPX file uploads are not acceptable. Under Privacy Controls on your Strava account your activities should be flagged for everyone to see. This is necessary to facilitate verification.
  16. Results should be uploaded during the running period according to the procedure on event web site.
  17. No refund and no transfer for this event.
  18. Gifts can be replaced by similar products of same value if out of stock, no claims are accepted.
  19. This event is only for female over 18 years old.
  20. The organizer reserves the right to change the rules and regulations at any time without any notice and have the final decision on all matters relating to this event.
  21. By signing up this event, all participants agree to accept the above terms and conditions with the consent to waive their rights for any claims.

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Refund and Transfer policy

No refund, or transfer for this event.


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