W.P.C. 60cm Folding Umbrella


Colour: Border


A folding umbrella from Wpc. that is convenient to carry. Choose your favorite umbrella from a wide variety of designs.

Umbrella Folding Umbrella "Dantotsu Water Repellent" Annurella UNNURELLA MINI 60 HANDOPEN
The UNNURELLA series has been renewed! Excellent water repellency and stress-free

By crossing the high-density fiber jointly developed with Komatsu Matere Co., Ltd., a world-famous fabric manufacturer in Japan, and the cutting-edge water-repellent treatment developed by the company, which boasts high technological capabilities, Achieves unparalleled durable water repellency and highest grade water repellency. An umbrella for adults that can be used for a long time while taking care of it has been completed.
Stress-free because it does not get wet.
It is an umbrella for adults who can take care of their surroundings.

[About the characteristics of the fabric]
The fabric can be used for a long time by taking care of it.
In general, water repellency is weakened little by little in daily life. It is caused by raindrops, dust in the air, hand oils and hand creams that adhere to the umbrella when wrapped, etc. remain on the surface of the fabric.
Annurella has a water-repellent effect due to its unique high-density fiber, and does not use waterproofing agents that are weak against heat.By applying heat from the surface with an iron along with regular washing, the water repellency is restored and the water repellency is reduced. It can maintain water repellency for a long time.

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rainy days, when you enter a commuter train or commercial facility, when you have an important business meeting or when you are invited to a friend's house, a wet umbrella will drip more rain than you can imagine.
We put the spotlight on such everyday events that everyone has experienced, and thought that if we don't get the umbrella wet, we can consider the surroundings, so we crossed the "function" of the highest level of water repellency.
With one swing, the raindrops remaining on the umbrella are turned off. That's why I don't bother people in public places such as trains. We have created an umbrella for adults that allows you to be more considerate of those around you.


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