Hydro AG+ Medicated Hand Gel 500ML

Hydro AG+SKU:HYDRO-16639839-GEL-500ML



Hydro Ag+ 醫學級消毒保濕護手搓手液
(不含酒精) 500ml
  • 日本製造, 醫療級別,集抗菌。
  • 集抗菌、消炎、滋潤保濕三重功效於一身,長效殺滅病菌,同時呵護雙手。
  • 特別添加甘草酸二鉀作活性消炎成分,可抗雙手發炎。
  • 配方亦加入活性抗菌成分異丙基甲基苯酚,能夠殺滅高達 99.9%的細菌和病毒。
  • 經專業測試 有效對抗「新型冠狀病毒」。
  • 另藴含透明質酸鈉及蘆薈萃取液,加强保濕潤膚,防止雙手 因酒精而出現乾燥、敏感及龜裂等情況。
  • 可保持手指柔軟舒爽、無黏膩感,特別方便家庭 主婦、護士及美容師等雙手需要加強呵護之人士。
  • 銷售貨品不設退換服務,如因貨品品質問題,請於十日內攜同有關貨品、相關之包裝/配件及發票,到任何一間快圖美更換相同型號貨品,唯打印機墨盒及八達通產品不設退換服務,有關貨品必須由顧客自行交回供應商檢查,並由供應商直接負責退換。
  • Made in Japan, Medical grade antibacterial coating technology,Cleaner, Long-lasting, Gentler A Sanitizer Both Cleans & Moisturizes Hands.
  • Anti-inflammatory active ingredient, Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate.
  • Antibacterial active ingredient, Isopropyl methylphenol, Effectively inactivate up to 99.9%^ # of bacteria and viruses!
  • Highly effective against SARS-CoV-2 Virus (COVID-19 virus).
  • Double moisturizing ingredient, Sodium hyaluronate, aloe extract, moisturize your hands to prevent chapping, keep them healthy and smooth.
  • The oil-free gel contains powder, so your fingers feel soft and dry,and your work goes smoothly.
  • Fragrance free, which good to use in the workplace.
  • Our Refund and Return Policy is not applicable to merchandise products. However, should you receive a faulty or defective product, please bring the product with full packaging/ accessories and your receipt to any Fotomax shop within 10 days of receipt and we will exchange the faulty item with a new replacement item of the same model, with the exception of printer ink cartridge and Octopus products. In the case of faulty printer ink cartridge and Octopus products, customers should contact the manufacturer directly.


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