Fibertec Shoe Guard Eco


Size: 200ML
優惠價HK$125 原價HK$139


Fibertec Shoe Guard Eco is our new fluorine-free impregnation product for all types of footwear. Whether it is suede leather, smooth leather, or leather/synthetic surfaces, Shoe Guard Eco can provide long-lasting and environmentally friendly protection to footwear. The strong water-repellent impregnation keeps shoes dry for longer periods of time and optimizes their breathability. Shoe Guard Eco is also suitable for use on GORE-TEX® and other membrane footwear. It can be combined with the deep-acting leather care product Leather Guard Eco for optimal leather care.

Overall, Fibertec Shoe Guard Eco is an eco-friendly impregnation product that can effectively protect all types of footwear from water and moisture damage. Its advanced formula provides long-lasting protection and optimizes the breathability of shoes. This product is ideal for those who want to protect their footwear in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

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