Crown Energy Gum Bar

Crown EnergySKU:CROWN-407-COLA

Flavor: Caffeine Cola
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Energy GUM Bar+Caffeine is a gummy bar of the highest quality with a premium composition that provides all the necessary ingredients to improve performance in your training and competitions. This is the adaptation of our Energy Gel + Caffeine to the gummy bar format , 30 g with a magnificent texture that is easy to chew and that will not be difficult for you to swallow, thus avoiding gastrointestinal problems.

Contains two sources of carbohydrates, Dextrose (in the form of glucose syrup) and Sucrose, which however provide us with 3 types of carbohydrates, since Sucrose is a source of Glucose and Fructose. These are necessary because carbohydrate intake during sports practice has been shown to improve performance (Cermak, NM et al., SM. 2013; Pochmuller, M. et al., JISSN. 2016). In addition, recent research has shown that a high intake of carbohydrates during sports practice, especially long-term (>2.5 h), improves neuromuscular function (Urdampilleta, A et al. Nutrients. 2020) and also improves post-training recovery both at the level of muscle damage and at the energy level because it shortens glycogen resynthesis times (Viribay, A. et al. Nutrients. 2020).

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