The best way to get the right size for choosing your shoes is to measure the size of the foot in cm from the heel to the end(toe). You can measure this size yourself: from the base of the heel to the toe by plotting on a white sheet.

 In US size there is a difference between female size and male size (indicated in our correspondence talbe) : the same size in cm does not give the same size  for men and women. The English size (indicated UK in our table ) does not make the difference between the man size and the woman size.



Length (men) EU US UK
245mm 40 7 6
255mm 41 7.5 6.5
260mm 42 8.5 7.5
265mm 43 9.5 8.5
275mm 44 10 9
280mm 45 11 10
285mm 46 11.5 10.5