Height Range Suggested Pole Length
In Cm
<4 ft 10 <147 100cm
5 ft 1 155 105cm
5 ft 4 162.5 110cm
5 ft 7 170 115cm
5 ft 10 178 120cm
6 ft 1 185.5 125cm
6 ft 4 193 130cm
6 ft 7 200.5 135cm



Use this chart to get a general idea of which size pole will best fit your needs, but please don't skip these important steps below.

Fit Guide

How to measure:

On flat ground, the top of the trekking pole handle should be at waist or hip level and your elbow at 90 degress (see illustration.)

For Walking, hiking and backpacking: stability and support matter most. Size up if you're right on a size cusp.

For Running : uphill propulsion matters most. Size down if you're right on a size cusp.