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When I started planning my backpacking needs, stoves terrified me. As ten-year old I had suffered significant burns to my arm and foot (boiling soup) and all things fire/heat related still freak me out thirty years later. In my planning I immediately nixed any of the pressurized stoves and soon nixed canister stoves as well, I just wasn't comfortable with using them. I found one of the three million build-a-soda-can-stove websites and did some tinkering. Though the stoves I built came out well, I still wasn't happy.

Then I found Trangia. A simple, time-tested burner design that is idiot-proof. Well, to clarify that a little, it's idiot-proof for someone cautious and attentive. It doesn't get simpler to actually fire up — just pour in fuel and light — in a few seconds (depending on how cold it is) you will have a nice steady flame ready for your pot. 

Things I like: easy to use, nothing to fail in the field, and I know how to safely handle its fuel. I also like the idea that the alcohol that this stove burns comes from a renewable resource and not a fossil fuel. The stove is quiet when operating and with a little practice with the simmer ring, you can cook all sorts of things.

Things I dislike: I wish the simmer ring was more of a lobster claw design (meaning two leaves that open) as opposed to the single plate which ends up offsetting your flame under your pot. 

Overall I really like this stove and pot stand. I did upgrade my pot to one that's a bit larger than the one that comes with the kit. I wouldn't call the pot stand a windscreen at all though, this stove definitely needs a better windscreen to be at all efficient.

I've used mine for day hiking meals, as well as our primary cook stove during a couple of winter storms where we lost power as well as getting us through a week without power during Storm Alfred in 2011. I've also dragged it along to our Relay for Life weekend to keep the coffee flowing for our team, everyone on the overnight especially appreciated the hot coffee and popcorn (lol this stove and Jiffy Pop are a dynamic duo!).


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