Sony SF-E Series SF-E64 UHS-II SDXC Memory Card (平行進口貨)






具備 270MB/s 高速寫入速度,通過 UHS-II SD 卡讀卡器,即使是再大型的媒體,都可瞬間傳輸至電腦,縮短等待時間,讓您專心做其他事情。

File Rescue


下載 File Rescue


此 SD 卡達 IP57 級別,耐用且能應付特定嚴苛環境。設計能承受 1.5 米高的跌撞衝擊;於 1 米水深下能防水 30 分鐘,且能在 -25~+85°C 的溫度之間運作。無論天氣如何,SF-E 系列 UHS-II SD 卡都非常耐用。


具備高達每秒 120MB/s 的高速寫入速度,支援穩定連拍高解析度相片。支援 V60 Video Speed Class,隨時拍攝 4K 或更高解析度的影片。


支援 UHS-II 介面,提供最佳性能;同時兼容 UHS-II 裝置。



SF-E 系列 SD 卡讓您暢享 UHS-II 的性能和 Sony 非凡的可靠度。SD 卡具備高達 120MB/s 的寫入速度和高達 270MB/s 的讀取速度、V60、UHS class 3 (U3) 及 SD Class 10,傳輸效果迅速。SF-E 系列更可保護 SD 卡免受水、灰塵、跌撞、紫外線照射及 X 光等傷害。
  •  高達 270MB/s 讀取及 120MB/s 寫入速度。支援 V60 video speed class 及 UHS Speed Class 3 (U3)

  •  非常適合拍攝 4K 或更高解析度的影片

  •  File Rescue 數據修復軟件可供免費下載

  •  IP57 級別,高度耐用兼具抗 UV、防塵防水等特性

  • 設有 64GB、128GB 及 256GB 可供選擇,滿足您的儲存需求



Faster transfer to PC

With faster read speed of up to 270MB/s you can transfer even large media files to your PC in seconds with a UHS-II SD card reader. Spend less time waiting and more time doing.

File Rescue

Never fear. Even when things go wrong, you can avoid disaster with downloadable rescue software that recovers photo and video files accidentally deleted or that cannot be played back.

Download File Rescue

Built to Last

With an IP57 rating, this SD card is durable and resistant. Designed to survive drops of up to 1.5m, waterproof for 30 min at 1m depth and able to operate in temperatures ranging from -25〜+85°C the SF-E Series UHS-II SD Card will last, whatever the weather.

Blazing fast performance

Fast write speed of up to 120MB/s supports stable burst shooting of high resolution photos. Also ready to capture 4K video and beyond with V60 Video Speed Class support.

Supporting Interface

Supports UHS-II interface for maximum performance. Also compatible with UHS-II devices.


The SF-E series SD cards make UHS-II performance and legendary Sony reliability more accessible than ever. Enjoy swift transfers with write speed up to 120MB/s and up 270MB/s read, V60, UHS class 3 (U3), and SD Class 10. The SF-E Series also offers protection from water, dust, drops, UV exposure and X-Rays.
  •  Up to 270MB/s read and 120MB/s write speeds. V60 video speed class and UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) support

  •  Ideal for high-resolution video capture at 4K resolution and beyond

  •  File Rescue data recovery software available as a free download

  •  IP57 rated, highly durable and withstands the elements with UV guard, dust and water proofing

  •  Available in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB to suit your storage needs


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