Santa Madre Unusual Bar 45g CH30G With MCT Gluten Free

Santa MadreSKU:SM-CRS-019

Flavour: Chocolate Hazelnut


UNUSUAL BAR is unique, an innovative bar that speeds up the digestive processes, in order to achieve a much faster assimilation of nutrients while decreasing digestive problems.

Our R&D department has studied each part of the digestive process of the organism, creating a bar that passes quickly to the intestine for absorption.

The bar is designed so that in contact with saliva it accelerates its decomposition, since one of the problems of the athlete is the difficulty of chewing solid foods during sports practice, ending up swallowing the food with a reduced chewing, this causes the food to remain in the stomach longer, slowing the absorption of nutrients and increasing the risk of digestive problems, since the nutrient is assimilated in the intestine.

Its high energetic power is based on a combination of 30g of carbohydrates per bar and MCTs.

MCTs are short fat chains that are easily metabolized by the body and have great energetic power.

UNUSUAL BAR is a vegan energy bar free of gluten and lactose, in which its pleasant and novel flavors will not leave anyone indifferent.


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