New-Hale AKT 5cm Roll


Colour: Butterfly Pink


Gentleness to the skin and the ultimate in support performance
Stretch rate of about 60%, which exceeds about 50% for skin in indirect areas such as elbows and knees, and excellent stretch recovery of LYCRA® As a kinesiology and muscle tape, it is adaptable to various tapings and provides firm support for joints and muscles.

Standard Material: New HALE
AKT (97% cotton, 3% polyurethane) Paste
material: Acrylic resin Release
paper: Paper I'm using. By covering the LYCRA® fiber used in the core with cotton, New-HALE® has high elasticity, stretch recovery, and holding power, while the part that touches the skin has the soft texture of cotton. I'm here. By making full use of the performance of this excellent material, we have achieved excellent stretch performance that matches the movement of the skin and muscles and is gentle on the skin. New-HALE® is a registered trademark of Acta Corporation. LYCRA® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.


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