New Blance Men's Fuelcell Supercomp Trainer D Width

New BalanceSKU:NB-MRCXLG2-M7

Colour: White/Victory Blue/Magenta Pop
Size (US): 7


FuelCell SuperComp運動鞋是我們至今最優秀的日常訓練運動鞋,FuelCell中底結合Energy Arc科技,賦予足底極靈敏的反應及能量回傳效果,鞋面採用細緻的針織面料製成,配以鞋舌連接鞋身的設計,讓你每一步都倍感輕盈自在。


款式#: MRCXLG2
  320 grams (11.3 oz)
  • FuelCell泡綿中式提供推進感,助你輕鬆向前
  • 合成及針織網眼鞋面
  • 鞋面無縫線設計,更為利落及貼合腳型
  • 加入Energy Arc技術
  • 鞋舌連接鞋身的設計,更貼合腳型
  • 碳纖維板設計
  • 綁帶款式,調節鬆緊度更容易
  • 附有搶眼的品牌標誌,增添時尚感
  • 8mm鞋跟尖差;開發和製作過程中均有可能產生差異,8mm鞋跟尖差僅為參考值


The FuelCell SuperComp Trainer brings the seconds count performance of energy-return technology from race day to a high milage training shoe. In this execution of new Energy Arc technology, a stacked height midsole houses an arched carbon fiber plate, sandwiched between two layers of FuelCell cushioning, leaving a hollow channel through the middle of the shoe. The plate is flattened into the void with each foot strike, and returns energy as it reshapes, creating a high rebound sense of propulsion. The FuelCell SuperComp Trainer is designed to look, feel, and perform differently.


Product Details
Style #: MRCXLG2
  320 grams (11.3 oz)
  • Features Energy Arc: Energy Arc pairs sport-specific carbon fiber plate geometry with strategic midsole voids, designed to increase stored energy to deliver a higher amount of total energy returned
  • FuelCell foam delivers a propulsive feel to help drive you forward
  • 47mm midsole height
  • Breathable, flat knit upper with lock-in fit feeling
  • ‘N’ logo design wraps around to lateral side of shoe

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