Lulabop Heroclip


Size: S
Colour: Blue Steel
優惠價HK$122 原價HK$135


Say “hello” to the newest super-sized multi-tool to fit your super-sized life and say “goodbye” to fumbling around with your gear! The ideal size for handling large and awkward items, Heroclip Large gear clip lets you hook and hang 100lbs of anything, anywhere, any time. An impressive 40% larger than our Medium clip and Heroclip Large is the ideal choice for sizeable items including suitcases, ice chests, toolboxes, floodlights, outdoor gear, and more of your bigger needs. We made this large hybrid-style clip to support life’s toughest jobs and adventures

Strong: Sturdy gear clip supports and secures up to 100 lbs.
360° Rotation: Fully rotating hook keeps gear accessible.
Pivoting Joints: Hang your stuff from most nooks & crannies.
Compact: Foldable hook nests on gear clip until needed.

This product is not designed for climbing.

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