Leki Neotrail FX One Superlite Trail Running Poles


Size: 115cm
優惠價$1,348.00 原價$1,498.00


The Neotrail FX.One Superlite is your ultralight companion at the next trail running race! LEKI's lightest carbon folding pole barely moves the scale at just 131 grams. How can something so light, provide so much stability and security? The Neotrail FX.One Superlite is where incredible technology meets minimalist design. The RTC (Round Top Comfort) Foam grip with adjustable strap provides comfortable support in rugged terrain. The extended foam grip offers additional security for uneven terrain when users prefer various grip locations. The Trail Running Tip allows precise pole planting and perfect grip on almost any terrain. Thanks to the Push Button, a push of a button is enough to fold it to short 35 cm. Be lighter and faster with the Neotrail FX.One Superlite.

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