Incylence Pride V1 Socks


Color: Rainbow
Size: 35-38


We want to celebrate with PRIDE socks and use INCYLENCE DNA to connect everyone. Our RECO® socks were supposed to do this using 65% recycled yarn; so far so good. But unfortunately, we found that there was a problem on the production side, so some of the socks in this batch had small visual "imperfections" , that is... small threads popping out of the seams. Quality in terms of functionality, performance and comfort is completely uncompromised, but visual imperfections do not match the high expectations we have for INCYLENCE products.

Instead of getting a 100% refund from our manufacturer and destroying the product, we decided to roll out the socks anyway and offer them to you at a massively reduced price of NT$450 .
As a brand that is always looking to improve sustainability, we have not considered other options at all, because we are aware of our responsibility for resources and uphold one of the brand's philosophies "green". Likewise , we hope to encourage you to pick up your nail clippers or small scissors, snip off any excess threads and enjoy INCYLENCE quality.

Incylence Unisex Socks Size Guide


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